Jigsaw Puzzle Valentine Wreath Made With Puzzle Pieces

 What to do with all those jigsaw puzzles you are finished with? 

Well, for one thing you can make a really sweet Valentine wreath!

I saw this on Pinterest and wanted to make one, too.

One of the best things is that there is practically no cost for this wreath.

I had all the puzzle pieces I could want in all sizes as I was on a jigsaw puzzle craze last summer.

I had the different colors of spray paint, too. For the first wreath I painted each puzzle piece by hand

with craft paint and it was tedious!

Then some of the family wanted to make them also so I decided that I would try spray painting the 

puzzle pieces and found that I had all the colors, red, light pink, white and hot pink.

I put the pieces in or on boxes and took them outside and sprayed them. It took 2 minutes and

they are also much shinier and nice than the craft paint ones.

I didn't have a good picture of the red pieces but I did red ones also. I painted about 100 of each color.

It takes 25 pieces for each color to make one wreath and I wanted to be able to make 4 of them.

I taped 2 pieces of white printer paper together and made a heart shape. Then I used it as

a pattern to cut out the cardboard heart.

I just started hot gluing the pieces onto the cardboard heart shape and tried to alternate colors.

Here is the size of the heart if you want reference.

I tried to cover up all the cardboard..

I might even make a small heart wreath with the inside of the cardboard heart...

Then I printed out the sign on PicMonkey and glued that on, too.

Now it's on my mantel ..

I made a cute heart garland this year also.

34 Valentine Crafts for your home..

I also did some paper roses and made a little heart with them on a small canvas from the Dollar Tree.

A few years ago I was on a paper rose making craze so I had a whole drawer full of these paper roses.

I made 2 of these in no time flat!

These are little paper hearts I made with treats in them.

Lots of Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas!

Hope you get some inspiration to make some fun things for Valentine's Day!



  1. Yay, Linda!! I’m so happy to see you posting some of your fun and adorable creations!! Sure nice to see!
    Love, your buddy, Theresa 💕

  2. I really love this jigsaw puzzle Valentine wreath. So pretty

  3. Super cute and thanks so much for participating and sharing at SSPS 297. See you again next week!


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