Cutest Apple Pie Baked in an Apple

Here is a really sweet idea to serve at your next gathering. It's a tiny apple pie baked inside an apple. The idea is from and when I saw it I knew I had to make it. You can go over to their site and see how they made it. I fancied it up a little by cutting out some leaf shapes from the leftover pie crust. It's pretty easy... and fast. You don't have to peel the apples! Yay!


4 apples
refrigerated crust
can of apple pie filling
caramel sauce if desired
craisins to embellish


The first step is to cut off the top of the apple and discard it. Then, I used a potato peeler that has a sharp point and serrated edge and cut around the center of the apple to remove the core. This is the trickiest part but don't worry, it's fine if you make a hole in the bottom of the apple while you are trying to get the core out. I thought it would be much harder to get the core out and I thought I'd break the apple doing it, but NOPE. Didn't happen. I cut around the core and scooped it out. Took 1 minute, not even. I did make holes in the bottom but it didn't even matter (I thought I'd ruined them). I stuffed a few pieces  of apple in the bottom. (see picture)

Next fill the hole with a tablespoon or two of apple pie filling. I don't think this is necessary and when I make it again I'm going to stuff it with apple pieces from a separate apple... adding  a teaspoon of sugar and some cinnamon. However, for this first time I wanted to follow the recipe.

I bought a refrigerated pie crust and rolled it out a little because they are way too thick. Then I cut strips and laid them over the apple in a lattice pattern.

I had leftover pie crust so I cut some leaf shapes and impressed a knife in them to make veins. I put 3 on top of each apple. I cut extra and baked these right alongside the apples (see below).

Before baking I brushed them with an egg white wash and sprinkled with a little cinnamon sugar to make them pretty.

Baked at 375 degrees for about 30 minutes or until they start to brown.

You can see that even though I accidentally made a few holes in the bottom of the apples, it made no difference. They stayed together and didn't pour out the bottom or anything like that. It's all good, people.

I put a few craisins in the center to make them pretty and drizzled a little caramel sauce over the whole shebang.

These are show stoppers!! And easy as anything. ENJOY!!

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