DIY Adjustable Silver Bracelets Anyone Can Make

You know those adjustable silver charm bracelets that are so popular right now?  I saw a tutorial on Lower East Dry Goods for making these type bracelets (it's the one I used to make mine) and since my granddaughter loves them so much and has quite a collection  -  we decided we would try our hand at making some. This is our version:

Arm with bracelets

We (my daughter, Laura, and granddaughter, Faith) used 14 gauge wire which we bought at Michael’s Craft Store.  It’s really thick and easy to work with...


Here is the wire and a few of the charms we collected.

wire and charms

I cut off between 11” and 12” off the roll being careful not to make the wire misshapen.

wire 3

Then you need little needle nose pliers to form a little loop and you have to turn it so that the other end of the wire can go right through it.

wire loop

Put beads on the end that doesn’t have the loop.

beads on

Now put that end of the wire through the loop..

Silver loop

Add some feature beads..


After adding some feature beads make a closing loop. Loop around the bottom wire.... like this. If you have a bracelet to copy, it will be easier to understand. You need to make a rectangular box... one wire loop goes up and the other loop goes down as in the picture. It makes a little box .. a long box. This is the hardest part of making the bracelet, getting the loops in the right place so that the other end of the wire goes through it. Now you have closed the bracelet and it’s finished.

IMG_4335 (800x600)

You can make your bracelet smaller by squeezing it... like this.


To make it larger, pull the wires apart until you have the right size.

Here are some of the bracelets we made.


Making these loops is easy but challenging to get them just right. A few of the bracelets came out sorta misshapen..

silver bands

My granddaughter wearing her new bracelets..

Arm with bracelets


We had a lot of fun making these bracelets.

IMG_4402 (800x600)

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I hope you enjoyed this. If you like these bracelets you can MAKE them.

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  1. So pretty. You make it look easy. I always pass all the jewelry isle at Hobby Lobby, but now I will have to try something.

  2. What a cute bracelet! This is a great way to take advantage of the natural shape of the wire spool. I've got several jewelry tutorials on the blog if you are interested. One way of helping the bracelet keep its shape would be to harden it with a hammer or mallet. I talk about these tools in my Easy Peasy Earwires tutorial.

    I like how simple this tutorial is though. Simple to construct and tools required. I've pinned it. Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. I will definitely check out your other tutorials! Thanks!!!

  3. Linda, you're so talented! I love those bracelets, and I even have some jewelry I have no excuse not to make some!

  4. Oh boy, I am going to have
    to make some of these!
    You had be at bracelet.

    Thes are grest for
    different wrist sizes.


    1. They are so easy to make, and can adjust from normal adult size wrists to child size wrists. My daughter Faith and I can both wear the same bracelets. :)

  5. Real pretty - I also like the one with the turquoise beads. Thanks for the tutorial.

  6. Wonderful idea! I like the fact that they're adjustable and that make them look even more cute!

  7. That's so cute! My almost 7 year old grand daughter was just telling me how much she loved charm bracelets (hint hint grandma!). Her birthday is coming up in October. This is going on grandmas list! Thanks for sharing! I came here via flamingo toes :)

  8. I love these bracelets! And what a perfect project for tweens and teens!

    Crafty Journal

  9. Cute charms! Thanks for sharing @ Submarine Sunday!

  10. What a cool project! You make it look so easy! Great job and thanks for linking it up in the Bowdabra Crafty Showcase! Check out the new linky!

    Have a super week,
    Susie @Bowdabra

  11. Stopped by from Adorned from Above to pin your fantastic bracelets...I just love them!
    Hugs to both of you,

  12. you did a fabulous job! :) did want to let you know that alex and ani have a so called patent on this method are VERY happy to sue every 5 minutes so not sure if you want anyone to pin it :(

  13. This is great Linda! I've pinned this because my daughter would *LOVE* to make these for herself and all her BFFs.

  14. Those look so simplistic and I love it. I may have to try these out for myself

  15. Hey, new follower from the No Rules Blog Party. These are awesome! Totally going to have to try making these for myself. :)


  16. So cool - and you make it look so easy :) Dropping by to let you know that your post is being featured at this week's Freedom Fridays :) The party goes live at 8:30 pm EST - hope to see you there ♥

  17. Hi ladies, Happy New Year! This is a great idea and you save so much money! I will try and make one with my daughter some time. I saw this on Freedom Fridays. Have fun crafting in 2014!
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

  18. Thank you so much for linking up to the Link It or Lump It Link Party! The bracelets you made are so beautiful. We've love it so much that one of my co-hosts has picked your project as a feature this week! Come on over and grab a button and link up again.

  19. I think you can stop being a blogger and start selling your bracelets. This look so professionally done and I love it so much. Thanks for joining 4 seasons blog hop. Cheers and have a nice day. Pin in the Group's board

  20. I am new to jewelry making, (just getting tools together so far). I'm going to visit the the granddaughters next month & this is going to be our jewelry project. I'm sure all the girls will love making these bracelets.
    Thank you so much ladies ❤

  21. I am new to jewelry making, (just getting tools together so far). I'm going to visit the the granddaughters next month & this is going to be our jewelry project. I'm sure all the girls will love making these bracelets.
    Thank you so much ladies ❤

  22. I'm going to visit the granddaughters next month and this is going to be our jewelry project.
    All my girls are going to love making these bracelets!
    Thank you so much ❤

  23. These are great; so pretty and simple! Pinning for sure, and thanks so much for sharing this at Creativity Unleashed!

  24. Hi Linda, I love these bracelets. My daughter and like to make bracelets, though we've be a little too busy this past year. Maybe we can get back into the goove this winter while it's so cold. Thanks for the tutorial too. We've never used wire, we usually make stretch bracelets. Pinning and sharing.

  25. Okay, I just spent... well I won't say how much-- on bracelets just like these at a store. Now that I know how to make them, I'll do that instead and be able to get exactly what I want on them.

  26. This is such a cute idea! I love how customizable they are!

  27. Those bracelets are truly beautiful =) And they look incredibly easy to create too.

  28. Nice and simple! Thanks for sharing!

  29. Who knew those were so simple to make! Great post! :)

  30. Love this bracelet! I am going to have to try it. Visiting from SITS! Just pinned it!


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