Sparkling Angel Wing Ornaments from Coffee Filters

Angel Wing Ornaments Made From Coffee Filters

Angel wings are so beautiful. All right, fine, no one has actually SEEN angel wings (I don't think). But when I see an artist's rendition of angel wings they are always beautiful and white and fluffy, even glittery.  So, I wanted my ornament angel wings to be pretty and white and fluffy also, but with  stuff we all have available - coffee filters, ribbon, and some glitter. 

Don't most homes have glitter?  :)

Here they are:

Gold bow on angel wing ornaments

How to make the Angel Wings Ornament

You need 5 coffee filters.

5 coffee filters for angel wing ornament

Fold over the whole packet.

Pattern for angel wing: You can print this out by saving to your pictures and printing from there. Scale down if need be.

Use the pattern to cut out the wings, placing the inside of the wings on the fold of the coffee filters.

Now you have this:

Open them up and glue together at the center.

Once you have them glued together, open them up and lightly spray with glue spray. Then sparkle them as much as you'd like.

Add a gold bow - or any color. Silver would be nice also.

Angel wing ornament made with coffee filters and glitter

At this point you can put in a ribbon hanger (I used a tiny string of pearl beads).

I can see many of these on a Christmas tree, can you? 

They were so EASY, too ...

Pin for later?  Thanks so much!!

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I am the crafter extraordinaire (on this blog anyway.) I live with my husband, my son, David, in a cozy cape cod style house in Connecticut.

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