Valentine Cupcake Paper Fun

Valentine Cupcake Paper Fun

This was one of the most fun projects I've done for my blog in a long time. Working with the pretty pink, Valentine cupcake papers was delightful.

Cupcake papers filled with candy

Cupcakes and cupcake papers - a short history. 

Actually, I found that the cupcake itself originated somewhere between the end of the 19th Century and the beginning of the 20th century. The big stone ovens were known to have "hot" spots and cakes would burn on one side before the other side was cooked so they started cooking cakes in small ramekins or cups that would cook quickly and more evenly. The other reason for the "cup" cake is that there was a standardized recipe such as: 1 cup of butter, 2 cups of sugar, 3 cups of flour and 1 tablespoon of soda... this helped the bakers to remember a recipe easily.

However, sometimes these little cakes would stick to the little ramekins and bakers started lining the pans with aluminum foil. The first cupcake paper liners were made on the same machines that were used to create artillery shells for the war. They weren't much to look at but they kept the little cakes from sticking to the baking cups. Of course, today, there are lots of very pretty cupcake papers which brings me to my post using Valentine cupcake papers for a little personal party with friends or kids/grands, etc.

Aren't these cute cupcake papers? How can you go wrong with these little beauties? :)

I have a big fancy glass serving plate so I started with that as the base and then put cupcake papers all over the top, filling each pretty paper with small cookies, candy and even small powdered doughnuts(I love those). Did you know they make tiny mint Milano cookies which fit perfectly in the Valentine papers? Stop and Shop provided the heart cookies. I sent my husband to the store to get those. So he called me and described the cookie, saying it was a heart and had a blue heart in the middle. I thought that sounded like it would fit in with the theme of Valentine's Day and I said, "Okay, get those. Thanks". He did pretty well, didn't he? I'm amazed that it wasn't something really horrid. I never know what he'll come back with... :)

Candy and cookies in Valentine cupcake papers

cookies and pink candy in Valentine cupcake papers

I bought some fun conversation heart candies and Valentine corn candy and M&M's Valentine candy to put in the little cups. I had some white chocolate chips so I filled a few cups with those. As this was coming together, I was fairly giddy with excitement and happiness by how it was coming out.

Candy and cookies in Valentine cupcake papers

Valentine candies in cupcake papers

I'm going to make a small one for my Mom in a heart glass bowl. She loves candy and anything pretty and pink so I know she'll like this. 

Valentine cupcake papers with candies

Valentine cookies and cupcakes in cupcake liners

Most people have some cupcake papers hanging around. Why not put 3 or 4 on a small plate and fill with conversation hearts, small chocolate candies and small cookies? If you bake cookies you can make them any size! Have some fun with this! I did!!

White doilies and pretty pink cupcake papers with candy

Hope you make yourself a little Valentine cupcake papers party with someone you love. My granddaughter thought it was pretty awesome - of course, she couldn't touch it until I took the pictures. haha My family is getting used to that.. they say, "Can I eat this yet"?

Best wishes, 

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  1. Linda, I hope you are not being charged by the email!! I received two this morning, and just now received another. I do enjoy your newsletter, but really?

  2. How cute, what fun for a little tea party with the kids or a special friend. My daughter would have LOVED this when she was little, what am I saying - she might like it now!

  3. Linda, this is SO pretty and fun! I never thought to group the cupcake liners together like that! This also reminds me of my birthday parties when I was little. My mom would place a cupcake liner filled with little candies at each guest's place. I thought it was such a huge treat! (I think kids were more easily pleased back then!)


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