Fairytale Princess Dollar Store Bunny for Easter for Someone Special or Yourself

 I've been watching YouTube videos for Easter and I saw several that were dressing up the Dollar Store bunnies. It looked like a lot of fun and so I decided to try it myself. So far I've dressed up 3 bunnies but I know I need to make more..

Here's my favorite ... I bought the fabric by the yard. It only took a 1/4 of a yard of fabric and the fabric was $11. a yard so it was really not back to pay.

I bought some stiff white, sparkly tulle and used that as an underlayer for the more colorful tulle fabrics. The first one I made was made with a spool of pink tulle. Swoon. It was so pretty!

The Dollar Store bunny..

I took a long strip of the same fabric as the dress and made a simple bow and glued it to the bunny's head. I had a whole bunch of the little fabric roses made so I put a glittery one on top of the bow.

I took the bunny's arms off at the very beginning so I could work around the bunny without the arms being in the way. They came right off when I touch the hot glue gun to them to loosen up the glue that was holding them on. Then I took a little bit of the glittery fabric and wrapped it around the upper arm of the bunny and then glued it back on.

The bodice of the dress is a little girl's headband from Dollar Tree. I stretched it around to the back of the bunny and hot glued it in place.

I took strips of the tulle about 15 inches long and doubled them and glued it near to the top of the bunny. The pretty bodice is made from the Dollar Tree girl's stretchy headband and I put it over the glued on strips of tulle.

This was the first one I made with a $3.99 roll of pink tulle. It didn't take the whole roll either.

I put them on a little riser so that the tulle sticks out..

This fabric at Joann's begged to be made into a little dress for a bunny so here it is. The butterflies stick out from the dress. I love it so much!

Here it is in a blue green... love this one, too.

Hope you enjoyed this! Please don't ask what I'm going to do with them. My daughter already asked me that and I'm 100% sure my mother would have asked me that also. I just like to make things and I'm surely enjoying this. I might be able to part with one of them for my 6 year old granddaughter. :) Maybe. They have a dog that chews everything ...

Best wishes to all at Easter and always,


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