How to Make Cute Marshmallow Bunnies

These marshmallow bunnies are so CUTE.

I had lots of fun making these. The inspiration was from Sandra Lee's new Spring magazine. I love everything in that magazine. Such fun!

I used 2 sizes of marshmallows for these bunnies. The bigger bunnies are made from regular sized marshmallows and the baby bunnies are made from the tiny marshmallows. They look awfully cute sitting on cupcakes. I wanted to put them on frosted cookies but my daughter said that cupcakes were cuter.

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My sister and I made them and they went together very quickly. We made a whole bunch of them. What fun to see them altogether.

How to make them....

For the bigger bunnies I used the medium sized marshmallows, not the great big marshmallows. Kids can work on these, too. For the small bunnies I used the mini marshmallows. Put white candy melts in the microwave for 30 seconds. Stir and repeat until melted. Don't over nuke them or they turn into one big glob that can never be melted again (don't ask me how I know this).

Put some candy melt between 2 marshmallows as in the picture below.

Cut "bunny ears" out of one of the big marshmallows with scissors as in the picture.

Add a little candy melt to the "bottom" of the ears and stick on the head of the bunny.

Add 2 mini marshmallows for the "feet" of the bunny.

I used dry Jello to "color" the inside of the ears by spreading a little candy melt on the inside of the ear and dusting with the dry Jello.

Add a candy heart decoration to the front of the bunny head. Voila.

For the tiny bunny I used mini marshmallows.

I cut the mini marshmallows in half and they made the cutest ears EVER.

I glued the head onto the body and the ears onto the head with candy melt, as shown below. Then I colored the inside of the bunny ears with dry Jello.

I didn't put on "feet" but added a half of a mini marshmallow for a bunny tail.

Personable, aren't they?  heh heh

Hope you are having a wonderful week.

Stop and see some ideas for bunny "peeps" -  cute as anything also.

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