Jelly Bean Sheep

 Jelly Bean Sheep Treats (say that fast 10 times) 

My sister sent me a picture of a pillow she made with all little piled up sheep. I'll show you later in the post as I don't want that to be the first picture. 

Anyway, I looked at the picture and said to myself, "I can make them from paper." She likes to sew and make pillows and I like to work with paper, at least for the past few years anyway.

Here is the picture of the pillow my sister made.

coming soon... ha ha

How to make Jelly Bean Sheep:

1. Cut out two circles 6.5 inches in diameter.

2. Cut around them in and out to make a swirled edge, not straight. You can use pinking sheers, I guess, too.

3. Cut a rectangle for the head and then round one end to make the sheep's snout.

4. Cut straight pieces for the legs and a straight piece also for the top of the head, basically, they are the ears.

5. Glue the legs onto the "body" - round piece of paper, as shown in the pictures. Glue the head also, slightly tilted for a fun look.

6. Glue the 2 pieces together - top and bottom circles - but leave an opening at the bottom so you can put in the jelly bean packet.

7. Print out the Happy Easter printable below. Cut out and put somewhere onto the sheep in front.


 The head shape..

The legs... just cut straight pieces of black paper.

                                     The printable. Right click, save to your photos and then print out.




I had a bunch of fun with these little guys. You can, too.

You will want to make some butter bunnies for your Easter table! I also made these cute little chick and duck treat baskets from peat pots. If you want some Easter fun with kids try making marshmallow bunnies. I've had a lot of fun making Easter pretties this year. Hope you can carve out some time to make some Easter fun for you and your kiddos or grand kiddos as the case may be. 



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