Peat Pots Turned Into Baby Chick Treat Baskets, Baby Duck Peat Pots, too

 You are going to love these little chick and duckling peat pot Easter baskets. They can be used as place holders also. 

They are so simple children can make them! That's the kind of crafts I love to make! Easy, quick and look like you spent a long time making them. In this case they are super cute, too. Bonus!

I had some peat pots left over from last year so decided to work with them a little to see what I could make for Easter. I know there are lots of peat pot Easter baskets on the internet and I wanted to make some, too. So ...

These are what I used ... peat pots for planting seedlings in.

I painted them white with craft paint.

Then I made one of these little folded petal paper thingees... and glued it on the front of the  painted peat pot.

Cut a 6 inch circle in half.

Fold it like an accordion 

Hot glue the top together so that the rounded end can be fanned open

It makes a little fan or petal. Glue to the front of the painted peat pot.

I've made lots of these. They are fun to make and a bit addictive. Lol.

 A wreath is coming up on the blog soon with these little petals...

The head is a rectangle with a rounded end. See picture below. The square end is glued inside the peat pot so that the rounded end sticks up like a head popping up from the inside of the pot. 

The piece of yellow paper for the head is shaped like this (see below). Then it's glued on the inside of the pot ..

This is how it looks from the front of the peat pot. Make two black dots for eyes.

The beak is shaped like below picture and then folded in half.

I twisted 2 small lengths of macramé cord for the handle and glued to the outside of the pot.

Since I took pictures of these little chick pots I put some yellow pompoms on the end of the handle as it attaches to the peat pot. Do you think it enhances the look or a bit too much?

Here is the back of the peat pot chick.

Please overlook the hot glue threads.. oops...

Add a few feathers here and there to obtain a "bird" type look and voila! A baby chick treat peat pot.

And since I was doing a chick I had to do a baby duck also because we have ducks. Here is a picture of our ducks. They are black Swedish ducks. Are they cute or what? Nothing makes you chuckle like looking at ducks with their cute little beaks and their "quack quacks". I think anyway.


Easter baby duck treat peat pot

The duck's beak is a rectangle with the points cut off. See below.

Aren't these the cutest little favors and small Easter baskets? So fun.

Wishing you all a wonderful, crafty, colorful and fun Easter season. With love,

Please visit this fabulous party:

Create, Bake, Grow and Gather  by Shabby Art Boutique

I also made these cute butter bunnies. Do you know what a butter bunny is? I did some extensive research on Easter Mason jars. Oh, my gosh. There are so many Mason jars I want to make for Easter and Spring. 

Sharing these sweet flowers with you. I'm so looking forward to planting the little violas in Spring.


  1. Linda, you always come up with the cutest craft ideas. Your peat pot chicks are ADORABLE and love how easy and inexpensive they are to make. My grandkids would love these!

  2. These are adorable! Thanks for sharing on Happiness is Homemade. Hope to see you on Crafty Creators as well!
    Niki ~ Life as a LEO Wife

  3. These little Easter baskets are adorable Linda.
    Thank you for sharing this project at the Create, Bake, Grow & Gather party this week. I'm delighted to be featuring your peat pot chicks at the party tomorrow night and pinning too.

  4. Great craft and so adorable. These little treat cups would be great for my kids in reading group. I love seeing your ducks also


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