Colorful and Fun to Make Super Cute Valentine Treat Pocket Cards

 SUPER CUTE Valentine Treat Pocket Cards

These came out SO GOOD. It's not always that way if you have made anything and had an idea in your head on how it would look but it just didn't look that way when you were finished with it then you know what that's like. It's always a pleasant surprise when things turn out well and easy like with these cards.

Kids can definitely do this. They might need help with the rosettes but the rest is so easy and there's a pocket for candy, too.

Fortunately, these cards turned out well AND I had a TON of fun doing them, too. A TON of FUN.

I put chocolate bars in each Valentine since most people want more than a card. Lol.

I did a cakeplate makeover HERE.

I made these in PicMonkey and put some sweet sayings on each one. Some people are worth melting for.... PDFs at the bottom of this post.

Here is the chocolate bar in the pocket of the card.

On the smaller cards I put a little bottle of nailpolish and a little happy face lip balm (Target party section). What little girl (or big girl - love them) wouldn't want to get this?

I made 3 sizes of cards. I almost always make a miniature version of whatever I'm making because my daughter Kristy LOVES tiny little miniatures and it's really not much work once I've made the large ones and it's kinda fun to see how small I can make something. 

The rosettes for the tiny cards were a bit harder to make than the big ones simply because of the size and bending the paper in the right way. 


Here is a picture of some of the stuff I used to make these including really pretty scrapbooking paper.

The little smiling faces are lipgloss I bought at Target in their party section. I LOVE THEM. 

Pink doilies, red and white heart doilies and some real tiny doilies. I made these faux perfume bottle treat containers and printed them out and put them on some of the Valentine's also.

You could use stickers but I printed out some butterflies and hearts and lips (from PicMonkey)... also printed out the sayings, "Have a Sweet Valentine's Day".

Oh, and I like to make each one different because that's what makes it fun..

I think the paper rosettes really make the card special.. HERE is a post I did on how to make them. You can also look on YOUTUBE and search paper rosettes if you'd like to see a video of how to make them. They're really easy and fun to make and once I got going I just kept making more and more of them.

In the center of some of the rosettes I put a little heart or flower just to cover up the messy little center.

I just cut out a little flower for the center of this rosette. I cut it out of some pretty cardstock paper I had.

Here are the steps for making the cards.. the easy way. Lol

Cut 2 rectangular pieces of cardstock in contrasting colors or similar colors with different patterns.

Round the corners of one end so it looks like the below picture.

Put the 2 square corners  together and then the rounded ends will form a heart. I glue these on the 2 squared corners and it makes a pocket so you can slip in some candy.

I put doilies on most of mine. I took a round doilie (sometimes a heart doily), put it over the bottom part of the card and the part of the doily that hangs over gets cut off. Nice and tidy. Hot glue in place. Try not to glue shut the pocket in the top part of the card though.

Now you have a blank canvas to pretty up as much as you want. See below.

I bought this bunch of trims and lace at Michael's. I think it's so pretty just to look at. Right? So PINK. lol

Here's some more inspiration. See the big bow on one of the cards? 

I covered all the chocolate bars with a paper printout that I did in PicMonkey.

Finally, I hot glued a ribbon so that the cards could be hung up if someone wanted to do that.

PDF #1 - Some people are worth melting for.

PDF #2 - You are endlessly loved.

PDF #3 - Some people make the world a special place just by being in it.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

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Best wishes during this fun crafty Valentine time.


  1. Linda,
    These are absolutely darling!! Love them as they would also make great ornaments on Valentine's trees and you know me with decorated Trees!! LOL!!
    Thanks so much for sharing and thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Super cute ideas!



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