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Valentine S'mores Treats

 S'more Treats for Valentine's Day!!

My daughter asked me to make some treats for my grandson's first birthday and she wanted some kind of s'mores treat so I came up with these fun little goodies.  These came together quickly. It's one large marshmallow dipped skewered with a pretty paper straw and then dipped halfway into melted chocolate and covered with sprinkles. At first I tried to let the chocolate on the marshmallow dry a little before putting on the graham cracker but then I thought that a little puddle of chocolate on the top graham cracker might be kind of interesting so that's what I did for some of them.

There are 4 graham crackers so technically 2 s'mores can be made from one treat. I figured that the large marshmallow can be cut in half and be perfect for one s'more.

I bought little clear plastic bags at Joann's and tied them with a ribbon! Easy Peasy. Sweet little treats for anyone for Valentine's Day.

Happy January!!


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