How to Make a Pretty Wire Letter Sign With Paper Roses

 Have you seen the cute wire letters on the blogs? They are swoon worthy. That's the 2nd time I've used that phrase in the past week. The first time was for a wonderful live Christmas tree in Vermont. 

I love the clean look of the wire letters but there's not much to them. They are extra plain so they need a little help being pretty. I chose the letters M E because my hall closet is MINE, no junk allowed in there. Of course, you can choose any letters you want, duh, I think you know that. If you want the letters J O Y or L O V E or your name, your kid's name, etc.

In the Fall I was making paper roses, a lot of them, in all sizes. I made a unicorn Christmas ornament for my granddaughter using the smaller paper roses. The wire letters were laying around and I put the two together. I think if I had all my craft stuff laying around so I could see it, I could probably come up with some interesting things...

I ordered gold wire letters from Amazon and stuck my handmade paper roses in the letters here and there. I've seen them with pretty pink artificial flowers, too. They look just as nice. I needed to do something with all these paper flowers I was making. My sister-in-law, Deanna, got quite a few paper roses and was really happy to pass them out to her friends.

During the 1st year of the pandemic I painted a hall closet and turned it into a closet just for me, hence the ME sign.

I have a change of clothes in there since my bedroom and clothes are on the second floor. It's super easy to slip on a clean sweater and nice shoes on my way out the door.

Frankly? I just like opening that closet and looking at it. I was tempted a few times to store some extra stuff in there but I resisted. So the closet is as pretty as it was when I finished it. I have closets in this house that are packed solid but not this one. HA!

See the original closet makeover post HERE.

I had an old bookcase that I painted white and somehow managed to squeeze it in this little closet. It makes all the difference for looking pretty.

 I just hot glued the flowers wherever they looked good. Easy. If you're not making the flowers it's even easier. Glue the flower on... done.

These are the paper roses I make. They are all sizes.  I'll be showing what else I did with them in a post soon. I have 2 drawers full of these. I just kept watching movies and making paper roses. ha ha

I cut out some leaf shapes out of green patterned paper - yes, by hand. It's super simple. Leaves can be all sizes, right? Cut around in a sort of semi-circle and then in a semi-circle the other way. Boom. One leaf made.

I cut the leaves out of patterned paper because I think that's more fun and interesting and glued them in back of the flowers before gluing them to the wire letter.

Pardon the string of hot glue in the middle of this flower. Sometimes they are almost invisible until I take a closeup picture.

Here is the ME closet, the first door on the left... in the front hall.

Looking from the other way.. So it's right in the front hall. It's so easy to slip on nice shoes from here.

I love this area for hanging up coats, bags, etc. My nephew, Michael, made it. I love it. In the summer I have all kinds of beachy things hanging up like hats, beachy signs, mermaids, etc.

Another view of the closet. 

I painted an old bookcase and put it in the closet.

I hope you have been encouraged to make something and this is pretty and easy. 

Best wishes,

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  1. This is so pretty. I love that you have a pretty space all for you even if it is just a cupboard!

  2. The paper roses are gorgeous. I can see why your sister-in-law shared them. Thanks for linking up your post and your pretty home this week. #HomeMattersParty


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