Create a Beautiful Girlie Grab and Go Closet in Your Hallway

On the first floor hall of our house, there are two closets. One I've used for coats, vacuum, etc and the other one I've used as a "craft" closet which means basically anything I didn't know what to do with gets thrown in there. Sure, there were some craft supplies in there along with a myriad of all kinds of things. In fact, I couldn't even get to the craft stuff because there was so much other stuff in front of it. I'll stop now. 

Let's start with this picture. It's the blank canvas so to speak. You wouldn't want to see all the coat closet mess, now would you? Oh, maybe you would. I love, love, love seeing other people's messes myself. It makes me feel less messy. hahhah

So I started by painting the closet white.

Then I painted bright pink stripes on the top of the closet, almost like a fairground tent style. Fun stuff.

Then I had my mother's old bookcases that were in the garage and I had this idea that wouldn't that be cute if it would fit in the closet? So I brought it in the house and tried getting it in the closet. It was big and it was not going in so my husband stepped in and I was right behind him saying to myself quietly "Lord just squeeze it in, please." I couldn't believe it, my husband inched it in slowly and behold! It went into the closet!!! Minor miracle, right? It's the little things that bring joy, right?
Anyway, then it had to come out of the closet so I could finish painting the closet. :)

See how tight it was? 

I was going to paint the bottom part of the closet  the same bright pink color but decided against it. What do you think?

So I painted the rest of the closet white and put up some wooden boards to hold the coat hooks.

Along about now I was getting really, really excited about the way it came out. I started putting cute little things on the shelves...

Isn't this book cute? The colors are so awesome. And "Oh, Joy" is such a nice quote to read everyday.

I love the ME metal sign. I want to eventually put little pink flowers inside them. Darned pandemic!!! We don't go into stores and I'm sorely missing Joann's and Michael's!

I put some makeup in there - I need a mirror, just the right one, of course. I put some little summer shirts to change into if I decide to go out and cute shoes. My bedroom is upstairs so this will be ever so much easier for a quick change. 

I put a quilt on the top shelf .. I found a cute mirror, my grandmother's jewelry box.

I changed things around a few times. Lol.

There's my summer purse... 

I've so enjoyed this closet. It's like eye candy every time I open the door. It's all the colors I love and it's so white and clean looking with the shelves all pretty. I'm keeping it neat. No junk.

Best wishes and much love,

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