Cutest Pinkest Unicorn Ornament for Your Christmas Tree or for a Special Small Someone

 Cute and Pink Unicorn Ornament DIY

Unicorns are a magical animal, right? So what's more perfect than a unicorn 

at the magical time of Christmas?

So here is my version of a unicorn ornament.... 2 different unicorn ornaments in fact. I filled a clear ball

 ornament with sprinkles and the other ornament is a solid luscious pink color.

These are the simplest things in the world to make. Because I bought the unicorn cupcake toppers, it's just one step to put the horn on the unicorn. There are already pretty flowers on the pick itself but adding fake flowers just helps to make it more 3 dimensional.

These are so easy a child could make them. Those are the crafts I like the best...a little bit of work that looks like you spent hours working on it. Lol.

These are the picks I used but there are lots of really pretty unicorn cupcake picks on Amazon. I didn't use the cardboard cupcake surrounds but if you find a way to use them, all the more power to you!

I glued the picks right in front of the top of the ornament.

Now these little roses are probably the hardest thing to make with this craft but you know what? I think little rosebuds you buy could be just as nice. I just happened to be making these paper roses and I mean a lot of paper roses that I just saw them sitting on my craft table and added them to the unicorn ornament. This was totally not planned at all. I saw them and stuck them on.

I think it may be pretty just using the unicorn cupcake picks, too.

This girl shows how to make the easy version of paper roses on her YouTube channel. There are lots and lots of instructions on how to make paper roses but they are way too involved for my purposes here. Simple is best, especially for ornaments that will be tucked away for another year and I think they are sweet.

I find that paper works better than cardstock for the roses. Cardstock tends to make creases that don't come out. Paper is more flexible and makes the turns easier so, of course, I had to go paper shopping. I have so many pretty pink papers in all kinds of patterns to make these roses. I put these in all kinds of crafts lately and I'll be showing those after Christmas. You are going to love what I did with them.

My daughter had just bought a small Cricut so I had her print out some of these cute unicorn eyelashes.

So here are the steps:

1. Glue unicorn cupcake pick onto Christmas ornament ball.

2. Cut up a small white paper doily and glue just in front of the pick.

3. Glue little flowers in front of the pick on top of the small piece of doily as shown in picture.

4. Glue or affix the eyelashes onto the ornament ball.

5. Tie a string around the top of the ball. Yay!

Aren't they cute? I just love them. 

Hope you were inspired, my friends, to make something.

Best wishes for a magical Christmas,

Ornaments I've made this year so far...

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  1. Adorable!


  2. Oh my goodness Linda, these are utterly adorable.


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