How to Make a Paper Boat Bowl

I love working with paper! It's amazing! I also love sewing on paper. With paper there are no raw edges to deal with like with fabric so it's easier to make paper look finished. 

Here is a pretty little paper project that can be useful, also, for summer parties as a candy or not bowl.

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When I saw these paper boats I knew I needed to make some and, of course, it's a great excuse to buy pretty papers. I still wanted it to be useful so I'm using it as a candy bowl right now. What could be more summery than a sailboat candy bowl?

This would be so fun for a party or gathering and would be a great ice breaker and conversation starter, don't you think?

This is where I learned to make a paper boat. It's a little tricky but very doable. Any 12 x 12 inch piece of scrapbook paper is perfect and makes the perfect sized bowl for candy.

See the tassel on the top? I'm into tassels right now so I popped one of them on the top of the boat instead of another flag. 

How to make tassels the fast way.

How to make:

Once the boat is made using an 12" x 12" piece of either scrapbook paper or card stock. I glued a wooden skewer in the center of the triangle in the center of the boat. This is the mast. I cut squares out of paper and punched holes in them at the top and bottom of each square. I put the skewers through the holes so that they look like sails on a sailboat. Two other skewers which I cut down by 3 inches, are glued to the front and the back of the boat. A string connects them all as shown in the picture. I used hot glue to hold them together.
I cut little flags out of paper and glued them onto the string.You can cut out a larger flag for the top of the mast or you can glue a tassel on the top. If you don't want to make them, you can buy them at Michael's in the jewelry section. :)

I bought the mini Swedish fish to fill the boat and have some on the "water". I had a piece of blue corrugated scrapbook paper and cut it into an irregular shape to resemble a body of water.

Best wishes for a wonderful summer.....

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