Super Fast Way to Make Tassels

Fastest Way to Make Tassels out of Embroidery Floss

I'm fascinated with tassels lately. I have a little pretty suitcase filled with embroidery floss, scissors, etc. and I carry it with me all over so I can make tassels whenever I get a spare minute. It's SO much fun!!

I started making tassels the traditional way of winding the embroidery thread around a small piece of cardboard but as I kept making tassels I thought of a faster, easier way to make them and I wanted to share it with you.

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Okay, back to tassels.

1. Take a skein of embroidery thread.

2. Take off the wrappers but keep the embroidery skein whole and intact with all the loops together. Cut off a piece of embroidery thread about 36 inches long. 

3. Cut 4 small pieces of embroidery thread from the skein about 4 inches long each.

4. Use 2 of the 4 inch pieces of thread to tie up the two ends of the skein. Tie a secure knot.

5. Tie the middle of the long sides in the same way.

6. Cut the embroidery skein in pieces as shown below.

7. Fold in half each little group of embroidery thread to start making your "tassel".

8. Hold the top of the tassel firmly, take the embroidery thread piece and wind it around the top of the tassel as in the picture. I wind it about 7 to 10 times around and then make a secure knot.

9. Trim the ends and continue with the rest of the tassels in the same way.

10. Now you have 4 sweet, little tassels. Yay.

I've made lots of different tassels, some longer, some shorter. This is an easy, fun way to spend a few idle minutes, people. Seriously fun!!

Want to make longer tassels? No problem!

Instead of making 4 small tassels per embroidery skein, you will get 2 long ones. Yay.

With each embroidery skein, cut off 1 yard from the skein and tie up just the two ends with firm knots as in picture below.

After you knot the two ends, cut the middle of the skein in half as in picture below.

Take some of the extra floss and twist around the top about 7 to 10 times. Trim the ends.

I made this into a bracelet and love the extra long length, don't you?

Hope you are all having a very fun summer. Trying, over here, to make the most of every wonderful, sunny and warm day.


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