My Kitchen Bay Window Makeover

My Kitchen Bay Window Makeover

Here is the fun "curtain" I made for the newly painted white kitchen bay window. I love it. It's so Spring-like, don't you think?


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My kitchen window has been so dreary looking. I love my bay window, though. It was stained the same color as the cherry cabinets for years and I was totally SICK OF IT. Everyone tried to dissuade me from painting the kitchen window white but I just held on to the idea. I knew it would lighten the kitchen so much and since it's a north facing window, it needs all the light it can get!

This is what I started out with... the bottom of the bay window.

The top of the bay window. Dark and dreary

I knew that the window needed to be sanded and I didn't want the dust from the sanding all over the kitchen so I bought a large sheet of plastic and hung it across the window.

After I hung the plastic I took out my little rotary sander (I love that thing) and sanded the base of the bay window.

After sanding, I cleaned up the window and put a coat of primer on it, on the base as well as the entire trim around the glass.

I wanted a fun curtain (or non-curtain) and these strips of brightly colored fabric fit the bill. I've seen them on the internet and I've wanted to make these for a long time. I'm not disappointed. I LOVE the results. First I cut strips of fabric 2 1/2 to 3 inches wide with the rotary cutter. I cut across the fabric so since the fabric is 45 inches wide each strip is 3 inches wide by 45 inches long.

It's fast and easy cutting with the rotary cutter, also.

Then I folded them over the curtain rod. I used a spring tension rod for the window.

Here I started folding the strips of fabric over the rod.

It was so fun tying all these strips onto the pole. I thought it would take forever but it only took a few hours altogether. I did it in 2 sessions.

See the dark cherry cabinetry in the kitchen? It's so dark and the window was dark also. I just love this complete change. I'm thinking about painting the cabinets also. I'd love to just paint the top cabinets to match. I think it would make the kitchen amazingly bright.  The only thing is that the cabinets still look like new and they were the top of the line because my brother who worked in the industry was about to get a discount on them. They are solid wood which is rarely seen now, but they ARE 20 years old, after all, and it would make such a difference in the kitchen. I go back and forth...

Ta da!!!

Best wishes, everyone

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