How to Turn a Chandelier into a Garden Light

I dressed up this picture with daisies that are not on the chandelier itself. Maybe this is something you might want to consider though because it does look pretty, doesn't it?


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I have bought several old chandeliers over the past year at tag sales. I think my husband throws them out. "What good are these," he says. "They're broken." No matter how I try to explain to him that there can be other uses, he just doesn't get it. To him, it's broken.

I needed to take off the candle thingees and after that I found this: It's a metal bar and until I found a way to get it off, it was a real challenge. However, all that needs to be done, after cutting the wires and please make sure it isn't plugged in when you do that, is bend the metal bar back and forth until it finally cracks off. I bent the metal bar back and forth until it broke off. Easy. The second one I do will go lickety split.

The hole left by getting rid of the metal bar is where the solar light (without the stake that goes into the ground-get rid of that) is glued.

How cute would this look? I was browsing on Amazon AFTER I made mine. Brilliant. I think these would look so much better.

These are affiliate links which means I would get a small amount of money if anyone happens to buy them. I do like them, though.

I like these, too.

These are the solar lights I bought at Home Depot.... just plain black. At some point I may replace them with the cute ones up above.

I took the sticks off the solar lights and popped them into the place where the electric lights were. 

Here they are all glued into the chandelier. It looks so normal, doesn't it?

This chandelier is lighting up my pond which needs dredging and plugging. The chandy is hung on an iron flag pole which is perfect for holding the chandelier.

I love looking out of my dining room window at night to see my chandelier. It's very cool, people.

Have a fun summer.

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