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Ball Fringe Pillows

You are going to love these ball fringe pillows! I do. 

Ball fringe was OUT for years and now it's back IN and very popular! YAY!

I LOVE ball fringe!

I lined up the different ball fringe I bought. I kinda went overboard, I think, but there are SO many awesome, pretty colors at Joann Fabrics.

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Joann Fabrics had every color ball fringe and even multi-colored ball fringe. That multi-colored ball fringe was $11.99 a yard. That's crazy, but I found some flaws and the girl marked it down 60% so I did end up buying some of that one, too. The others were $5.99 but I had coupons so I splurged! It just makes me happy to look at all the pretty colored ball fringe.

I just love thinking about what I can do with it, too. I want to embellish all kinds of things... hmmm.. I think another post on how to embellish everything with ball fringe is coming..

I made these pillows from scratch. I cut out the fabric 15 inches x 15 inches. I applied the ball fringe as I made the pillow but I am sure it can be applied onto a store bought pillow and it would be very easy to do.

What are you waiting for? Make something with ball fringe. It's so fun! And now it's trendy!

Best wishes,

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