Popsicle Smoothie

Fun to Make Popsicle Smoothie

When I first saw this I said, "Wow"! I love it. I have to admit there was something very satisfying about plopping that popsicle in the smoothie. VERY satisfying.

I made a peach mango smoothie. I needed some peach juice for another recipe so I used that as a base for the smoothie. It could easily have been any other fruit juice or fruit. Plot a popsicle in it and you have a very special icee drink, indeed. I put yogurt in the smoothie for protein so it's all good and healthy! :)


1 cup peach mango juice
1 peach skinned and chopped
handful of ice cubes
1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt
1 tablespoon of honey
frozen juice popsicles


Blend up all ingredients except the popsicles. Pour into glasses and put a popsicle into each glass. Serve immediately. The popsicle will start to melt after a while but it's fun to stir around the popsicle as it melts into the smoothie. This is nice, people. Really nice. It feels special somehow also.

My sister thought this would be great with a fruit sangria. I agree.

This is such a cooling drink on a hot day. You not only have the cool smoothie to drink but a nice fruit popsicle to slurp eat at the same time. Very fun for summer.

I'm trying to share all things fun for summer, everyone!

Hope you are enjoying and making the most of this beautiful warm weather.

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