DIY Shabby White Frame Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder From an Old Frame

Last year I made this thistle bird feeder from a Coca Cola bottle.

And the birds liked it, too.

I started thinking about all the different ways to make bird feeders.... I wanted something more attractive. I have lots of frames, but I didn't want you use a good one to put outside. I have been meaning to fix this broken frame...

I used the clamps I bought at a tag sale. Wow. I bought about 8 of them for $16. David (son) promptly told me that they were PLASTIC clamps (not to be compared to METAL clamps). He did concede that it was still a pretty good deal. I used Fabri Tac glue which I use for basically everything. After it dried I sprayed it white.

I wanted a suet feeder to be a part of this new feeder I was making along with 2 plastic bottles for thistle and sunflower seeds. I burned 4 holes in each bottle by putting a metal small poker into the gas grill flame and melting the holes for the bottle. It works really well but don't do it and get burned. PLEASE.  Then I bought a little wooden dowel and poked it through the 2 bottom holes so that the birds would have a place to rest. I made the holes a little larger for the sunflower seeds. You only need a tiny hole for the thistle feeds, though.

I staple gunned staples in the back of the frame so that I had somewhere to attach the wire to. Then I wired the suet feeder so that it would hang in the middle of the frame and glued the 2 plastic bottle feeders to either side of the frame. One of the plastic bottle feeders is filled with thistle seed and the other is filled with sunflower seeds. I topped the little bottle feeders with burlap to pretty them up some.

I put it over by my sister's little garden house and the white picket fence.

Hey, everybody, I'm on a bird feeder roll... I have 2 more ideas for bird feeders. If I ever get them together, I'll show them here on Crafts a la mode...

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  1. Hi Sisters!!!

    I love the idea of the frame!!! I have squirrels who eat my bird food and I've tried everything
    to make it impossible so that they can't get to the food. Looked out this afternoon and saw
    the square feeder down on the patio with the cover I put over it.

    Crazy!!!! I'll have to think of something that will work.

    Have a great weekend!!!


  2. Totally LOVE it! I have a wonderful collection of birds that come to visit my house and I need more bird feeders! Pinned and put on my to do list!

  3. Love birds & your bird feeders! Dropping by from FB BB Theresa @DearCreatives Stop by anytime & share at my party if you like. Have a great weekend!

  4. What a creative idea! I love it! Pinning!
    Kristin @ Dizzy Busy and Hungry

  5. What a neat idea!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  6. This is such a unique idea to make the bird feeder from a frame! Thanks for linking to Less Laundry, More Linking party!


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