I Made This Cute Valentine Wreath with Candy Bags - SO EASY.

 Happy Valentine's Day! It's only a few days away and I have made SO MANY fun things this past month and wanted to share them with you.

My first one is this cute wreath made with, of all things, candy bags, you know the small individual candy bags that kids give out to their classmates. 

I made 7 of these wreaths and this one below is one of the later ones I made and I included some really cute tiny balloons on it. These "balloons" are called "Whack a Pack" at Dollar Tree. My little granddaughter showed me how they work. You pound on these little packs and they poof up all on their own. It's so fun to watch them pop up.

I also included some red hearts and you won't believe this but they are cut out from paper plates I bought at the Dollar Tree. I didn't buy them to cut out the hearts. I bought them because I needed paper plates. So it was serendipity... such a nice size for the wreath and the color is so perfect, so bright!

I bought the wire heart wreath from Dollar Tree for $1.25 and I wanted to make the wreath right up. However, I didn't have any red ribbon to wrap the wire wreath with... but I really wanted to make this up so I started looking around and found these red Target bags. Perfect, I said to myself and I cut them up in strips and had enough strips to cover 3 wire heart wreaths! Yay.

From there I just hot glued on some candy. The candy I bought was a package of multiple candy bags for kids to give out so there were like 20 in a package. Altogether I made about 7 of these wreaths. It was like eating potato chips... I couldn't stop. Lol 

The ribbon was from Dollar Tree also and it is the best quality ribbon! No kidding.

This was one of the first wreaths I made which was just with the candy packs and some curly ribbon.

I think this tiny dog heart candy box personalized the wreath a little. 

I also put together this cute little Valentine "tree". Twigs, cut hearts.. easy.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the fun things I made this Valentine season...

Best wishes for joy on Valentine's day with all your Valentines!


These Valentine cards were fun to make, too.

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