Pretty Spring Flower Cone and Poodle Garland

 Pretty Spring Flower Cone and Poodle Garland

This craft is easy peasy.. really the only ones I really like to do are easy peasy and with big results. I made these cute blingy salt and pepper shakers.

If you have some craft paper, string and some leftover small fake flowers then you are all set and it will cost you NOTHING to make this. It cost me nothing to make because I have lots of pretty paper, scrapbooking paper - I never did scrapbooking but I did like the paper for other things. My mother and sister did scrapbooking but it seemed like a lot of work to be hidden away in a scrapbook. They did some beautiful pages, I must admit. Should have been framed... lol.

I made cones out of paper. It's very easy. and then I punched holes on either side of the cone to bring the string through. I clipped the little poodles on with a tiny clothespin.

If you want the pattern for the poodle just save the poodle pic to your drive and print it out. Instant pattern. Here is how I made the pattern.

I found a picture of a poodle and printed it out. I cut out the poodle. Voila. Pattern!

For the cone...

Then I strung them with a pink string and fill with small posies..

The hardest part of this is cutting out the poodles and cones. The rest is easy.

Have fun. Send me pics.

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  1. Wow, your banner looks amazing! The poodles you added give it a very unique look.

  2. This is super super cute. What a pretty idea.

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