Are You Ready to Add Some Bling to Your Spring?

Are you ready?

To put some bling into your Spring?

I am. I am so ready.

The Northeast has had snow, rain, sleet, and 5 degree weather here.

I like snow but not so much the other stuff. Lol

This craft was just a happy accident. ha ha

A bit of joy for little me it was. (Yoda)

These salt shakers I had bought for a different project that never happened and they've been hanging around for a while and I had these stickers from a different project. I put them together in a moment of inspiration and Voila! Sometimes I'm really pleased with the simplest crafts. 

These are the stickers I used (not an affiliate link).

I would just say to make sure the salt shakers are clean and dry before you put the stickers on. Wouldn't this be a cute craft for kids? And easy... lots of fun. Nice for little gifts also. 

Who doesn't use salt shakers?

Can you think of other ways for kids (or anyone) to use these stickers?

Cell phones, nails, hair, purse, lipstick, pens, notebooks, bookbags...

Lots of fun to be had here, people. Lots of fun.

Another fun little project is these really really sweet perfume "bottle" treats which would be a fun gift at Mother's Day or Easter or hostess gifts or party favors for a girl's spa party. 

Valentine Tray Tour HERE.

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  1. Sometimes the best crafts are the quick easy ones! These are super pretty!


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