Sweetest Tiny Macrame Ornament DIY

 I've made a few macrame plant holders recently and they were so easy. Okay, they were easy because I chose to make a very simple version of a macrame hanger. I sometimes challenge myself to see how small I can make something. I bought these little round log slices. They are small and cute. I love them. I wanted to stack them and make a Christmas tree out of them, but they didn't look quite right. I might still work on that but then I came up with the idea of making a small macrame plant hanger with a tiny log slice. 

I had fun with this little macrame plant holder. I had a little pot from Target and put it in the holder with some tiny greens I had and wow, it looks great too. I'm loving it both ways. I thought I'd give them out for Christmas but I've only made 2 so far and it's getting really close to Christmas soooo AND I have so many more ideas for ornaments that I doubt I'll be making more of these. However, the good thing is that these can be made AFTER Christmas, too. Right? I'm good to go..

Anyway, I thought what if I made it super small to hang on the tree? So I made one practice one and then another better one with pink string which is my choice of color for Fall and Christmas this year. It gives me a focus instead of worrying about the pandemic or staying inside for the most part. So, I thought, what can I make in the line of pink ornaments. I came up with quite a few ideas. I'm doing a post soon on all my new pink ornaments and how I made them.

This is tiny. It measures 7.5 inches from the top to the knot under the pot. I used the little melty beads that the kids use in making stars and things and then melting them together with an iron. I had some that I hadn't given to the grands yet so I used those. There are lots of colors for them also and they're small enough for this little project. Win-win!

The directions are simple. Did I say that already? 

Measure out about 6 feet of string, any string if it's not too thick.

Fold it into 4's so you have 4 strings hanging down. Then make a knot at the top.. nothing fancy.

Make a simple knot about 2 inches from the top knot. Make the knots all the same length from the top knot.
Add a bead of your choice to each string and bring it all the way up to the knot.

Add another knot snuggly right up to the bead.
Add another bead of your choice and make another knot under that bead.
Add a final bead to the strings and make knots under each bead. Now the beads are secure and won't move. Omg. This picture didn't come out like the others. How embarrassing but you get the idea and all the beads are on the strings now.

From the last bead make a final knot about 5 inches down the string.
You are finished and you now have a really cute and miniature macrame plant holder or tiny Christmas tree holder to hang on your Christmas tree or anywhere, really.

I placed a tiny wood slice under the tree...

I'll be posting more of my pink handmade ornaments this week. 

I made this cute owl ornament a few years ago and this magical (not really) ornament.

Snowman Cheeseball is my most viewed post along with the turkey cheeseball

I hope you are enjoying every moment of this wonderful time of year.


  1. That's so cute, anything in miniature is always super sweet.

  2. I think this is very sweet and the tutorial is easy to follow. Thanks for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg :)


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