How to Have a Fun Time Drying Orange Slices in an Air Fryer for Christmas Decorations!

 Merry Christmas Season, everyone!

I was feeling stressed over all the things I had to do this Christmas with the pandemic and also all the things I didn't have to do since we weren't having a big Christmas party this

I decided to do something simple, something I could do by myself that I'd never done before. I dried fruit slices for ornaments for Christmas. Yep, and I LOVED it. It was so satisfying looking in the air fryer every once in a while and turn over the cute little orange and apple slices. It took about 4 or 5 hours on 140 - 150 degrees. I think they could have been done a little quicker but I sure loved "baking" my little fruit slices. Oh, I also cut some pear slices. The pears shrunk the most, down to about 1/3 of the slice. I know, but not the apples or oranges .. not as much anyway. Okay. It's so calming, really..

Best Christmas blessings to all,


I just started slicing up the oranges and laying them in the air fryer. Pretty easy. My air fryer would only go for 45 minutes so I had to keep turning it back on, but I checked on them many more times than that. I loved watching them dry out. I turned them about every 30 minutes or so and I didn't cut them very thinly as you can see but they turned out great. Maybe it would have been quicker if they were a little thinner...

The apples were sliced about the same. I loved the star in the middle of the apples. Very cool.

Some people make holes in them for the string to hang them on the tree but I did it afterwards. The apples will be pliable, the oranges not so much.

See the perfect little star in the middle of the dried apple slice? I love it.

Then I had some ribbon and made some bows because I think it dressed them up but you don't need to. They are pretty just as they are and they smell heavenly especially when you are air frying them.

I hung them on my chandelier along with some ornaments... it just makes the dining room look festive. Oh and there is my Kaffe Fassett fabric on the table. I LOVE his fabrics. They are so bright and beautiful!

Tonight we also made caramels... it's a very old family recipe that the whole family makes every Christmas! Normally we cut them in little squares and wrap in waxed paper but for this post which I did years ago I made them into little Christmas trees. 

Cute Owl Ornament from a Glass Globe


  1. Please tell me the make and model of your air fryer as I want one and I like the looks of yours. Thanks, Fern

  2. I love all your dried fruit ornaments! They look so festive and soooo Christmas! Merry Christmas!! I will have to try your family carmel recipe and that snowman cheeseball is adorable! Thank you for sharing such fun ideas for Christmas! Pinning!


    Tee @ Teediddlydee

  3. What lovely ideas. I can almost smell all the citrus. That snowman is so cute! Have a wonderful holiday!

  4. The food sits on the cooking bushel and gets besieged by quick rolling hot air at all points.


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