Igloo Cakes and Penguin Gum Drops

Hi, everyone! I've been percolating an idea about making little igloos. It's been on the back burner for a few months but it has finally come to fruition. I've had a few near misses also which we won't talk about here... lol

white snow and ice scene with gumdrop penguins

This is like a little world unto itself, isn't it? A little icy world full of snow and ice... and penguins.

white snow scene with igloos and gumdrop penguins

I started with a boxed white cake mix. I made the box mix according to directions and poured the batter into small bowls so that after the cakes come out of the oven and turned out from the bowls, they look like little igloos when turned upside down.

bowl cake for the cake igloos

Then they are frosted with WHITE frosting - not the creamy colored frosting.. the frosting that is pure white that you add colors to.

I used doughnuts to make the doorways to the igloos.. by cutting them in half.. and then frosting them also.

sugared doughnuts

It's snowing in this picture -- courtesy of PicMonkey. :) See the doughnut entrance way?

gumdrop penguins and a cake and doughnut igloo

Then there is the little paper flag on a tooth pick with the South Pole sign (penguins aren't at the North Pole, don't you know). :)

How to Make the Gumdrop Penguins

The little gumdrop penguins are made with 2 black gumdrops, a white gumdrop, and an orange gumdrop.

 I cut a bit off of the top of a black gumdrop and put another black gumdrop on top.  I cut some ovals off the white gumdrop and stuck them on the front of the bottom black gumdrop. You might have to cut some of the black gumdrop's chest areas so that the white slice of gumdrop will stick.

I cut a wedge off the orange gumdrop, cut a slice in the upper black gumdrop where the beak would be and pushed the orange "beak" into the hole. Now you have your little penguins.

 I cut some off of the bottom of one black gumdrop so that one of the penguins would be a bit shorter depicting a baby penguin (what's cuter than a baby penguin, I ask).

cake igloos with gumdrop penguins

White snow and cake igloos

I had lots of fun taking pictures also. I laid out a piece of polyester batting on the table and with various items made a backdrop also, sprinkling some glitter type material around to further the illusion of snow and ice. I placed the cakes right on the polyester. It's okay... it was clean. :)

This was great fun. If you don't feel like making the little cake igloos, maybe the kids - (big or small) might want to make the penguins. A few bags of gumdrops are so cheap.. then you get to eat the colored ones. :) You could make a whole FLOCK of penguins...

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