Gorgeous and Easy Gold Painted Toy Animals for Christmas

 Gold Painted Animals for Christmas!!

I am so excited to share this fun Christmas DIY with you. It's not new and I've seen gold painted animals for years. Now I know why it's so popular. It's great fun to paint and old children's toy animals and painting them gold, making them all new again and Christmasy. 

Here they are. What do you think? Everyone (I think) with kids or grandkids have these little plastic animals hanging around. I've thrown a number of these away but I'm glad I had some left!! YAY.

I just want to say they are a LOT CUTER in person. 

I found some elephants, rhinos and horses.

I found this beautiful elk.

I went around the house digging for these forgotten toys... and I found so many really nice ones.

Okay, here is how this all happened. Easy. Peasy.

Plastic animals

Some gold paint. I had this Martha Stewart paint but there are lots of others just as
 good and cheaper.

Some really cool wood slices. Pretty cheap on Amazon.

I painted the wood slices with white chalk paint.

My very most favorite glue for everything. Fabri-Tac Permanent. Waterproof. 


1. Paint the plastic animals gold - 2 coats to cover.

2. Paint the wood slices - again, 2 coats.

3. Glue animal on wood slice. Done.

This is so fast. I completed it all in a few hours. Super fast. Super fun. Super easy.

It's not too early to start making things for Christmas. Not too early at all. In fact, once we get into December, time flies right by and Boom! Christmas is here. Now is the time to get started. 


I love making ornaments and will probably do several posts in the coming weeks. I hope you don't get bored. If you are interested I made these sparkling angel wings from coffee filters that you might like to make for yourself. I also made an angel out of a wood log - we have lots of those hanging around, do you?

Enjoy the season, my friends!

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