How to Make a Wood Log Angel

How to make an angel out of a wood log.. a split wood log, to be precise. At first I wanted to call this a "woodland" angel but it evolved to be way prettier than what I first envisioned. What do you think? I had lots of fun making this. It's pretty easy if you have a log. :)

Start with a split log. You could use a half split log but my son-in-law splits his wood into quarters and I think they look more unique, too. Now you have the body of the angel. The wings were a bit harder.

I needed wire that was thick enough to hold its shape but soft enough to mold with pliers. I checked out wire in Joann's and it was too soft. Well, I ended up using a white coat hanger. It was doable to mold and I was able to shape the wings pretty easily with pliers.

 I bought this awesome white, glittery, sheer fabric from Joann's and used the wire hanger as a pattern to cut out the fabric. Then I sewed around the outside of the wing fabric and turned it inside out, put the wire inside the fabric and Voila!! Angel wings.

I secured them on the back of the log with a staple gun. I was expecting a bit of a problem doing that but it was easy. I stapled them in 3 or 4 places and they were secured.

The rest was easy as pie. I bought a nice round styrofoam ball. I hammered a nail into the top of the log and then pushed the styrofoam ball onto the nail with some hot glue. I had already bought a stem with these glittery balls and used those to glue into the small grapevine wreath (I had that in the closet - you have no idea the amount of craft stuff I have from projects that never happened). My Mom had this beautiful doily - if you go the doily route, put that on before the head. It just makes things easier. I had to cut the doily and slip it on from the front.

Here are the glittery pompoms I had in my craft stash but I would make white pompoms from yarn if I make another angel.

I've seen these angels with plaster of Paris wings - way more work, but you can doodle around fo a new design if you like.

Best wishes, Linda

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