Easy to Make Sunflowers from Cupcake Papers

Easy to Make Sunflowers from Cupcake Papers

I've been having some fun with cupcake papers ... again. I love them... because they come in so many colors and fun patterns and are easily gotten from the grocery store or any craft store. Look at the fun I had with these cupcake papers.

These were so so easy to make. EASY!

You will need..

cupcake papers
cocoa puffs *for center of flower *

Start with cupcake papers.. I used 5 yellow ones for the outside of the flower and 2 of a different color for the inside of the flower.

Then I cut slits in the yellow papers to make petals. For the contrasting cupcake papers, I cut them smallerso that they fit inside the large yellow ones. 

Then I made slits into these smaller circles.

I put them all together and glue each layer in the center with a small bit of hot glue. Add a cocoa puff to the center of the flower with a small bit of hot glue.

Add a chopstick in the back.... with glue, of course.

Voila! Easy peasy...

Lots of fun here and many, many variations are possible. 

Hope you enjoyed. Best wishes for a beautiful Autumn. 

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