Decorating with Plants - DIY Easy Plant Holder for Wall Art

I love decorating with plants. The green is so pretty and adds an overall happy look to a room. According to color experts looking at the color green is both relaxing and refreshing and can even help you to live longer. Since green symbolizes nature, a walk in the woods can also enhance your life and health. I did a painting of a lovely green landscape. I love that painting. It makes me happy to look at it. So here is an awesome "green" wall art to diy for yourself.

Anyway, to get to the point green plants are a good idea to add to any room. Here is a way you can decorate with green by hanging your plants on the wall in any room.

I made these when I was getting my Mom's house ready to sell thinking these green plants would help to promote an overall sense of desirability. I don't know if it did or not but the house sold the first day for full asking price.

So what do you need to make these?

A pot that doesn't leak because this is going to be hanging on the wall.
A wooden board any size that fits the pot you are thinking of hanging up
1 of these clamps
A screw to affix the clamp into the wooden board
White paint and sandpaper to rough up the wooden board after it's painted

The hardest part is getting the clamp screwed into the wooden board.

I love how these looked in my mother's 3 season room. Her room was all white so the green plants just popped on the wall. So pleasing to the eye. 

Have a great rest of the summer, my friends...

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  1. cute plant holders and great tutorial!

  2. Wonderful! Thank you for the step by step tutorial - I may have my teenage sons give this project a try. They would make great Christmas gifts! And thanks for sharing at our Encouraging Hearts & Home blog hop this week!

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