Some Truly Awesome and Delicious Recipes for February

Scrumptious and Warming Recipes for YOU in February!

February is a cold month, at least it is here in Connecticut. We haven't had much snow but we've had some rainy, icy weather that puts a damper on moods so I like try some new and different recipes to spark things up around here. Of course, I know what my family generally likes and my husband is a basic meat and potatoes guy but he loves lasagna so there's hope! lol Hope you find some inspiration for cooking..

Peach Crumb Slab Pie by Treat and Trick

Time for Tortellini by The Lazy Gastronome

Grilled  Burger Pizza by Oh, Mrs. Tucker

Sausage and Spaghetti Sauce over Zoodles by Reviews, Chews and How Tos

Lasagna by Marilyn's Treats

Crock Pot Italian Style Chili by Julie's Creative Lifestyle

Chicken Pesto Recipe by Back to My Southern Roots

Buffalo Chicken Lasagna by Chasing my Life

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting each week!! My link up this week is # 64!!

  2. Hi Linda,
    New follower here; I just love all the ideas you share on your blog! What a crafty family you have. I grew up in Connecticut so know that is still cold there; probably even colder here in Maine so I appreciate these "comfort recipes". We love orzo so I especially can't wait to try the orzo with asparagus and lemon. Keep 'em coming! Best, Cheryl p.s. What part of CT do you call home?

  3. Forgot to say: I'm #'s 80 and 81 today! ~Cheryl

  4. Those are some yummy looking recipes! Thanks for hosting, Linda. I'm at 124 and 126 this week. Have a great one!

  5. okay now I'm hungry, yummy features my friend xo


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