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What to do Weekends Party #202

Welcome to the Weekend Party!!
Welcome to What to do Weekends Party 

I'm so glad you're here. 

Bonus Feature of the week..

Veggie Cream Cheese Dip Sticks by Cooking on the Front Burners

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More features...

200 Elf on the Shelf Ideas by Crystal and Comp

elf on the shelf ideas

Extra Spicy Pumpkin Pie by Crazy for Cookies and More

DIY Boot Clips by Run to Radiance

This 60 second craft is so easy and so cute! DIY boot clips are my new favorite thing!

Christmas Cracker Candy by I Should be Mopping the Floor

Christmas Cracker Candy | Buttery and delicious...and EASY!

Little Santa Houses  by Frau Tschi Tschi

We'll show you how to make the prettiest little rustic upcycled burlap Christmas tree you've ever seen using six hangers. Add bells & a star to complete it.

Christmas Wassail by Treasures and Tidbits

Christmas Wassail With Rum

Fat Cats by Howling at the Moon

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DIY Snowman and Santa from Cedar Fence Posts

How to make a snowman and Santa from cedar fence posts!

My nephew, Michael, made these cute Santas and snowmen from cedar fence rails. 

The Snowman

The snowman is made  from cedar fence post rails, cut to 14 1/2 inches each.  

The snowman is 14 1/2 inches, painted white, has button eyes and a 3/8 inch dowel painted orange for a nose and whittled to a point. A 3/8 inch hole was drilled into the fence rail and the "nose" was glued into the hole. There is a painted mouth and a real plaid, red fabric scarf. 

Frosty's hat is a 6 inch circle cut from 1/4 inch plywood. The crown of the hat is made from a 1 1/2 inch dowel. They are glued together and painted black.

The Santa

Cut 14 1/2 inches from a cedar fence rail, that's the part of the fence that is horizontal. The cedar fence post is thicker. The Santa is painted red with, believe it or not, little mustache, eyebrows and beard cut from 1/4 inch plywood and painted white. Santa has button eyes and painted button and belt. I made the santa hats from red and white fleece. Basically the hat is a long triangle  and I add a strip of white fleece to the wide part of the triangle. Then I just stitched up the 2 sides and glued a pompom on the point.

Happy DIYing!!

You might want to check out my Old Shutter Frosty the Snowman Redo.

snowman made from cream cheese

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Frosty the Snowman Wooden Shutter Repurpose

How to paint a shutter to look like a snowman..

I'm a shutter junkie. I've got shutters and doors in my garage that my son and husband keep threatening to throw out. (Mom, you promised you were going to do something with those doors). So HERE I am doing something with one of the old shutters. 

I started with an old shutter that needed painting badly.

So I spray painted it red.

Then I bought some crackle paint at the craft store and painted a coat of it on the shutter. It doesn't "crackle" until you put another coat of paint on top of it. So then I painted the snowman and the white paint started to "crackle". See the cracks in the white paint? I think it looks more authentic with crackles.

I added eyes, an orange carrot for a nose, some sticks which I spray painted white for hands, a scarf that I pulled through the shutter and voila!

It's really easy. You just need an old shutter.......

I used another smaller shutter for this project. This is a different kind of door decor.

Best of December to you all!

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Snow Globe Lantern Decor

Snow Globe Lantern

Now this is the most fun and easy project I've done this year. I bought this silver lantern at a tag sale for a song last year. I've had my eye on making snow globes of some kind (I've got 2 more posts coming on them also). What is there about a small snow scene in a glass jar or globe? I don't know but I love it.

Did you notice I have a thing for bottle brush trees also? LOVE 'em. I'll show you my kitchen window next time... bottle brush tree heaven. :)

The only problem with this craft (and believe me, there is always a problem or glitch when making something - it's the odd one that goes perfectly smoothly) is that there are holes in the lantern so the fake snow could not be poured right in until the holes were blocked off with masking tape. Once that's done you are home free. Pour in fake snow of some kind and had miniature trees and deer. Cuteness happening, don't you think?

Here's the lantern with the deer I bought from Target last year. 

Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas season.

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What to do Weekends Party #201

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!

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Christmas DIY Gift - Teapot Sewing Kit

Teapot Sewing Kit

Do you have people who sew on your gift list? This DIY sewing kit from a pretty teapot is perfect!

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