What to do Weekends #124

Welcome to What to do Weekends!
Happy Thursday Evening! Thank you all so much for your Participation in our party, we enjoy you all so much! 
I'd like to get right into sharing these wonderful features. These are my features of the week. 
Wanda Ann's @ Memories by the Mile, delicious 

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Hundreds of Ways to Make This Your Best Summer EVER!

Hundreds of ways to make this your best summer ever! We know summer is short so let's make the most of it before the cold weather comes again. The warm weather is here in Connecticut and I'm thinking of fun ways to make the most of this summer. I'm getting my kids and grandkids on board also.


Give yourself a reminder that it IS summer and put a bright flowery door decoration on your door.

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Natural Blueberry Lip Gloss with Coconut Oil

Blueberry Scented Lip Gloss

This was one of the easiest crafts I've done in a long time and perfect to soothe scorched lips from the summer sun! Smells like blueberries, too. I bought the fragrance oil...

diy blueberry lip gloss

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What to do Weekends #123

Welcome to What to do Weekends!
Happy Thursday Evening! Thank you all so much for your Participation in our party, we enjoy you all so much!  You are all SO creative!! Invite your friends! Help us spread the word!
 Thank you for returning and sharing with us each week! As usual, we like to let you know what we've been up to on these Thursday nights, as well.  We'd love it if you could visit the posts we're sharing with you tonight!
But first,
**Started just last week, Linda and I will each have one of our own bonus features. I will feature my pick on Shoestring Elegance and Linda will have her own favorite Bonus Feature feature at Crafts a la Mode!**

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Sweetest Ideas for Decorating with Birdcages2

How to Decorate with Birdcages

This is totally a fun post for me to do. Last year when I was tag saling around Connecticut I found several birdcages, some old, some metal, a few rusty ones and some pretty white round, shabby chic ones, too. I bought so many I had to start giving them away. This house can only hold so many birdcages. LOL

One of the old cages I hung outside my front door. It's a little ironic, don't you think? Who went bird watching... the bird? :)

Ivy and Elephants (one of my very favoritest blog, ever) uses a birdcage to hold pretty blue cups.

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How to Decorate a Room With a SONG

How to decorate your home with a favorite SONG!!

I have to admit that Country Living Magazine was the inspiration for this post and I was just so excited about it that I had to do something with this new found inspiration.

I hadn't seen this done before (decorating with a song in mind) and I wondered about how this could be carried out and explored as a new way to decorate and I was HYPED. Well, after 2 days I can say I'm loving it. I'm loving the idea of decorating with a song. For 2 days I listened to hundreds of songs. My good friend, Theresa, from Shoestring Elegance and I had a lot of fun listening to music and singing (in our best singing voices, of course) to a variety of songs across the board and across the years. Some songs were fun and light and some were sad. Some songs make me weepy. Does that happen to you? I had a good crying session at 3 A.M. So, then I went to bed and couldn't sleep because I had all this music going around in my head and I was still full of ideas that would not quit. So I spent the day today going over MORE music. Let me tell you there are LOTS AND LOTS of songs you can decorate your rooms by. LOTS.  I scratched the surface here with 20. I had more than this (some of my favorite songs just didn't seem to translate into room decorating). Anyway, here are my thoughts on how to decorate a room to a SONG.

Have fun and please leave me some comments on what song YOU would like to decorate a room by.

I'll be With You in Apple Blossom Time by The Andrew Sisters. Listen HERE A more updated version HERE. Can you imagine the fun of decorating a room with apple blossoms? Decorating an entire wall with handmade paper apple blossoms would be totally awesome! Of course, there are hundreds of tutorials on making paper flowers of all kinds on Pinterest. Hop over there and search for diy flowers paper. if you want to try making your OWN flowers.

Icing Designs made these awesome blossoms for a party but why couldn't they be part of a wall design?

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