You're Going to Love My Piggy Pumpkins (Themed Pumpkins are a Blast)

Themed Pumpkins are a Blast!!

And these were especially fun to make. Pig Pumpkins!!

Originally I wanted to use white pumpkins but when we went to the farm the white pumpkins all had flaws so I decided to have my husband paint these orange pumpkins WHITE. I love white. I'm on a white kick. I want to paint everything white.. walls, furniture... pumpkins. You get the idea.

These were inspired by Country Living Magazine... they also had a cow and a bunny.. 

The most challenging for making these is the ears. I just winged making the ears freehand. I hate patterns. I did make a pattern for you guys since not everyone can just cut out a pattern.

Right click, save as.. to your pictures and print out.

Cut 2 ears for each pumpkin out of stiff pink felt.  Make a crimp in the base of each ear and then fold over and hot glue to the pumpkin in the appropriate place *look at picture for placement.

 2 black buttons for eyes, a pink felt circle for a snout and sunflower seeds for nostrils complete the look.

Pink pipecleaner circled around your finger makes a really cute piggie tail.

Pink gingham bow for the baby piggies.

Hope you enjoyed this and are inspired in some way. 

I've done lots of fun pumpkin animals including piggie pumpkins
cow pumpkins, and a very cute owl pumpkin. I've made a mother goose and her babies and 
I'm in the process of making a hen and a rooster pumpkins- maybe tonight...


  1. Oh my goodness!! I love these adorable pumpkin piggies! I have to save this so I can make these!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness; these are just darling! Pinned.

  3. I love these cute pumpkins

  4. Adorable. My SO's daughter is a pig lover and these will be perfect for her!

  5. Your post made me smile. These are adorable. That is why I have selected your post as one of our features this week. Thanks for linking up. #HomeMattersParty


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