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Snow Globe Lantern Decor

Snow Globe Lantern

Now this is the most fun and easy project I've done this year. I bought this silver lantern at a tag sale for a song last year. I've had my eye on making snow globes of some kind (I've got 2 more posts coming on them also). What is there about a small snow scene in a glass jar or globe? I don't know but I love it.

Did you notice I have a thing for bottle brush trees also? LOVE 'em. I'll show you my kitchen window next time... bottle brush tree heaven. :)

The only problem with this craft (and believe me, there is always a problem or glitch when making something - it's the odd one that goes perfectly smoothly) is that there are holes in the lantern so the fake snow could not be poured right in until the holes were blocked off with masking tape. Once that's done you are home free. Pour in fake snow of some kind and had miniature trees and deer. Cuteness happening, don't you think?

Here's the lantern with the deer I bought from Target last year. 

Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas season.

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