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How to Use Fake White Birch Bark

I LOVE white birch bark so when I found this faux white birch bark in Joann's I was all IN to make something with it. SO, I made these little containers and topped them with moss. I love moss. I've made numerous moss projects like this moss hat and moss shoe.

I saw some of this fake white birch stuff at Joann Fabrics and I had to have it. I love it.

A box.

Wrap the faux white birch bark around the box.

And around a jar

Some moss, crumbled up.

Put some glue around the tops of the containers and put upside down in the moss.

I like Fabri-Tac glue. Dries fast and is water proof.

I'm sure you guys could think of way more things to do with this awesome product!

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Lots of ideas for fun in the summer... ENJOY, my friends.


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