Want to Make Your Bathroom Smell Fabulous? Try This Easy and Awesome DIY.

Have company coming? Want your bathroom to smell wonderful but don't have the time to do a full cleaning? Here are some awesome little fizzies that will do the work for you, very cheaply made.

I followed the recipe from Mom 4 Real  and it worked exactly like she describes it. I have 2 trays of these fizzies all tucked away in jars in my bathroom vanity, ready to work at a moments notice. I throw one in the toilet bowl and close the lid. It sizzles and fizzes, cleaning and releasing the most lovely scent. Open the cover 10 minutes later and the whole room smells clean and lovely.

They are not much to look at but they do the work. I love the scent of blueberries so I used blueberry oil. It's awesome.  They come right out off the ice cube trays. I've seen them put in soap molds and they come out of the molds looking way better (but they smell the same). :)

I think you are going to like these. Making them was fairly easy, too. I expected them to be more work.

How to Make Your Home Smell Fabulous - another post on - you guessed it - making your home smell nice.

Under the Kitchen Sink Makeover - mine looked so bad I was determined to fix it up and make it pretty. For the first few weeks  I wanted the cabinet door to stay open, it was so pretty.

My Kitchen Bay Window Makeover - I had lots of fun making these "alternate" curtains for the bay window.

Hope your week is going well. Do you have snow yet? We only had a few inches but more expected on Friday.

Best wishes, all,


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  1. The bathroom is an essential part of any home, and keeping it clean and fresh is critical to both hygiene and comfort. Unpleasant odors in the bathroom can be off-putting and make the space less inviting. However, there are various simple and affordable ways to combat bad odors and keep your bathroom fresh. Simple measures like cleaning regularly, using air fresheners, and hiring this professional window cleaning company can help make your bathroom more enjoyable.


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