Upcycled Old Trash Container to a Gorgeous New Gold One

Upcycle and old trash container and make it better than new. I love metallic gold right now and have some awesome crafts coming out on the blog that are golden.


Some of the most AWESOME FALL FUN ...

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I took a picture of the original can which has been in my husband's office for several years. It was a completely knocked up metal can. The decorative paper on the front was peeling (I took pictures of it but, darn! where did those pictures go? I can't find the card they were on. I hate that. :)

Anyway, it was completely knocked around and needed an overhaul. Since I'm into gold everything right now, I decided that I'd buy some fabric and "wrap" the can with the fabric using hot glue to hold everything together. It worked.

Initially, I wanted to fold the fabric to the inside also so I bought plenty of gold fabric to do this. However, it was not easy to fold it over the waste can and into the inside of the can. I can tell you right now that it doesn't work - it gets really bunched up on the inside of the can and I could not smooth it out - so I changed tactics and left a short amount of fabric at the top and then bought a trim at Joann's and put that around the top of the inside of the trash can. As shown here...

Here's a closeup....

I left about 4 inches of fabric below the bottom of the can and wrapped it over the edge and glued it with hot glue. I cut a circle out of the gold fabric and glued that on top so as not to see the messy edges.

It took me a few trips to Joann's to see what kind of trim I wanted but I'm pleased with the one I bought. It was a ribbon and not a thick trim at all. It glued down beautifully and I overlapped the ribbon and glued it down at the back of the can. I put it close to the lip of the can and pulled it tightly so that it would be neat.

Another look at the recycled, revamped, reupholstered (so to speak) ugly old trash can...

AND a peak at my stenciled pillow to boot!!

Happy Fall, everyone!! Hope you are getting your Fall "bucket list" started!!

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