Recreate Childhood Fun with These Origami Paper Fortune Teller Treat Containers

New use for Origami paper fortune tellers...

Remember making these as a kid and writing in the various nooks and crannies of the Origami paper folds? I do. It was so fun. This is just an upcycled project, using pretty scrapbook paper to make the paper fortune tellers. This brought me back to a fun time in my childhood, folding paper.

I turned these paper fortune tellers upside down and used them for treat containers for Fall!!

I had to look up how to make them again. :) ha haha However, once I started to make them it all came back to me and I made a whole bunch of them in no time flat.

I'm going to put them in plastic bags for the grands and, well, just enjoy them on my dining table for a while.

The tutorial for making them is HERE.

The very best paper to use is the double sided scrapbook cardstock paper. Regular scrapbook paper isn't strong enough to hold up plus you want something pretty and coordinating on the outside as well as the inside of your new little candy container.

I thought this was a fun shot ... you see the "legs" on them. :)

I made so many of these I started thinking about other uses and the grands had crayons on the counter and guess where they landed? Yup, in one of the upcycled paper fortune tellers. It's been on the counter for a month and it looks nice. I love it. I put several of the origami paper fortune tellers together in order to make it stronger to hold the crayons.

Did you make these as a kid? I wouldn't want to make any with "fortunes" in them but I've found a way to bring fun back into the everyday humdrum with just a little bit of paper. You can, too. Go make some!! It's exhilarating.

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Best Fall wishes,

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