Industrial Jewelry Holder DIY

Do you like the new "industrial" decor look? And do you like to repurpose old stuff? Well, even if you don't this is a really fun way to repurpose old oil cans. See what you think of this!

My nephew, Michael, collects all things old especially tools so I asked him if he had some of these old oil cans. He said, in fact, he had quite a few of them. Yay. Mike just recently bought an awesome 1949 Ford truck, nicely rusted. :) It's fabulous!!! This is the kind of truck that brides like to have their pictures taken in (and on). Here it is below. Don't you just love it? When he's finished I'll do a blog post on it. The interior will be perfectly like new (at this point) and the outside will be ... well, wait and see..

Here are the oil cans:

Then I added an old piece of jewelry onto the front of each. I like simple. This is simple.

I love this red can. It has personality, doesn't it?

I "painted" these wooden skewers with indelible black marker. The thread is the waxed kind that holds really well to itself. It grips itself so to speak.

I twisted the waxed black string around the black skewer and the oil can.

On the end of each wooden skewer I hot glued a crystal bead and a little "silver" bead finding.
I had a little silver ribbon flower and glued that on the very top.

Hope you are inspired. I have lots of old stuff I'm always planning to repurpose and redo and this one finally came to be.
Hope you are having a lot of Fall Fun.

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