32 Awesome Flannel Gifts to Make for Christmas

Flannel Gifts to give for Christmas - isn't that the perfect thing? Giving something warm and snuggly. I always loved getting flannel pajamas for Christmas when I was a child... and slippers.. oh, and a new bathrobe (back in the days when people wore such things).

Not all of these tutorials call for flannel fabric. However, many of these sewing projects will work with flannel and that's why I picked them.

Warm and cozy pillowcases to make for winter by moi.

Melly Sews has a tutorial on how to make your own pajama pants with an elastic waist. I've made flannel pajama pants and they are a CINCH TO MAKE and with these instructions, you can't miss!

Sew Much Ado offers a tutorial on how to make flannel Swiffer duster cloths. Great tutorial, here, step by step.

Thrift Dee shows how to make these sweet heart handwarmers. I could use some of these, how about you?

Come Together Kids has a super tutorial for a flannel rag quilt. Is this sweet or what?

Red Fly Creations makes a flannel pumpkin from an old shirt. Cool.

Brit and Co makes a no sew flannel cape from an old sheet (or flannel fabric). LOVE. Complete tutorial.

Look at these cute flannel cup cozies by Thrift Dee made from old flannel shirts. Awesome!

Oh, What a Gem makes a 2 fabric flannel infinity scarf. I might have to make this! LOVE. WARM.

Burda Style made a flannel dress --- for the PROM! Yep, you heard that right. It's actually pretty cute.

The Sassy Quilter made a flannel dog bed = beautiful AND comfortable!!

To Sew With Love has this really cute makeup bag tutorial. Now she doesn't say what kind of fabric to use but I'm thinking that flannel would be really cute and flannel comes in so many yummy and fun colors and patterns.

Ric Rac blog has a ONE HOUR BAG TUTORIAL to love. I love the fabric. This could be made with flannel or at least a lining of flannel for comfort as you dig around in there to find your stuff. :)

All Free Sewing has a tutorial for making a key lanyard.. again, it doesn't say what kind of fabric but it COULD be flannel with all the gorgeous new flannels out there!

This is a pretty cute cat bed from Martha Stewart.

What about these Easy Reversible Scarves which could very well be made with flannel - doesn't that sound warm and cozy for the upcoming winter?

Scented Sachets could be made using soft flannel. What do you think? By Martha Stewart.

Riley Blake Designs shows how to make a sunglasses case. This is cuter than cute!!

A Pretty Cool Life makes this cute cell phone case. Easy, pretty.

33 Stitches has a tutorial for a book cover that is so darling! Lots of pictures. Complete tutorial.

Made shows how to make baby burp cloths. These are wonderful. I've made these and they are treasured by mothers.

Leafy Treetops has a wonderful tutorial on how to make Cord Keepers. Check it out, people.

Plastic bag holder is such a neat, organized way to keep plastic bags by Fort Worth Fabric Studio.

Peg Hanger Bag by The Sewing Directory = darling.

It's Always Autumn makes a "fringed flannel throw" in an hour. AWESOME.

Made to Be a Momma makes baby mittens. She shows how. Love these.

Craft Stylish makes a cute vest from a man's shirt. Complete tutorial.

Hey Wanderer Blog makes these gorgeous flannel napkins Aren't they wonderful?

House Home and Puppies makes puppy pee pads.

Coconut Love made a minky blanket. How cute and cuddly is that? I want one.

Now you have some inspiration for sewing some flannel gifts for Christmas!! Each of these blogs have multiple projects also so look around each blog for MORE inspiration. I want to make everything. I love making things.

Do you like working with FLEECE as well? My fleece post is awesome, too with lots of inspiration. Hop over. You are sure to find something to make there also.

So happy you came by. Hope you are having an AWESOME FALL.


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