14 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Books

I love books. I have books everywhere. I love libraries and bookstores. The first book I ever owned was a  paperback copy of Pygmalian which was about 29 cents at Woolworth's. I begged my mother for it and she bought it. I was ecstatic. In those days, money was not spent for luxuries like books. In those days, people had savings accounts not IRAs and every bit of extra money went into the savings account. I'm getting off topic here so let's backtrack.

Books intrigue me and so decorating with books intrigues me also.

Check out these ideas for Fall....

Festive Pumpkin Cheese Ball>
Paper Pumpkins

Creamy Pumpkin fudge
< SeaSalt Popcorn w/Caramel> Pumpkin Cheesecake
Candied Bacon

Under Construction Blog made a book pillow of their bookshelf. How? Well, you'll just have to take a trip over to find out. :)

How about making a photo frame from a favorite book by It's Always Autumn..... AWESOME!!

Pretty fabric covered books DIY from Two Twenty One blog.

I love this book flower arrangement, don't you?

How to Make an Invisible Bookshelf on Instructables.

Use books for wall art by We Live Upstairs... Have any favorite titles? This is perfect.

Make a book clock... tutorial, here.

Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss shows how to turn an antique trunk into a charming bookcase.

Book Light Switch is awesome, too.

Liz Marie Blog gives some tips and tricks on how to use books around the house for decor.

Hope you acquired some inspiration, everyone!!

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