Make a Pretty Tomato and Basil Bouquet in a Mason Jar

Want to make a pretty edible bouquet for neighbors or friends? Or do you need a nice hostess gift?

I love Mason jars. They are awesome for everything. Do you have lots of extra cherry or grape tomatoes? Aren't they yummy? Each tomato plant seems to work overtime to produce these tiny little fruits.

But first some AWESOME pumpkin recipes...


Now back to a fresh and pretty bouquet for neighbors and friends... using tomatoes and basil.

I found a skinny little bud vase and put it inside a Mason jar. I have a wider mouth jar which was perfect. This won't work with a regular mason jar. Just pop the little vase in there and fill with water. Be careful that you don't get any water in the mason jar.

Now put the little tomatoes around the skinny vase to the top of the Mason jar.

Now that you have the little vase in place and the tomatoes in the jar, you can add some kind of embellishment - I had some soft rope and tied a knot.

Time to put in the basil.

I think it needed a little bit more embellishment so I added some small white flowers to dress this up. I used some silk ones but you could add some real edible flowers.

An artsy picture..  :)

Best wishes to all......

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