16 Cute Acorn Ideas

I love acorns and this time of year is THE time for acorns. The other day I was at a  parking lot when  I noticed that there were clumps of acorns on a tree nearby which WE COULD REACH!! How wonderful! My daughter and I collected a few handfuls. The best thing about these acorns is that they were perfect. They weren't laying on the ground.

Okay, now what to do with them. My niece has tons of acorns all over her yard. I mean BUCKETS full. They don't like acorns very much. :)

Here are 10 really awesome things to do with acorns this Fall... or to make your OWN little acorns. ENJOY!

Some Fall Fun...  The Pumpkin Cheese Ball has been a big hit!! Lots of oh's and ah's!!!

Festive Pumpkin Cheese Ball>
Paper Pumpkins

Creamy Pumpkin fudge
< SeaSalt Popcorn w/Caramel> Pumpkin Cheesecake
Candied Bacon

Tried and True Blog made this darling acorn wreath!!!

One of the sweetest little acorn necklaces I've ever seen is from Flamingo Toes.

Acorn chart from Houzz.

The Magic Onion shows how to make an acorn garland. Gorgeous.

Kiwi Crate shows how to make "jewel" acorn tops. These look so fun to make and would look awesome in a bowl altogether, don't you think?

Mega Crafty has some cute ideas for these little guys also.

Look at these acorn babies in milkweed pods!! SWEET.

How to paint acorns by Home Stories A to Z blog. This looks like such fun!

Psychedelic pumpkins on Etsy. OMG. I'm in love!!!

Recyclart made floating candles. Is this too much or what??? LOVE.

Oleander and Palm made an acorn garland. YAY!!

Knitting Iris was busy making felted acorns.

320 Sycamore blog made an acorn frame... there are several on the net but I liked this one the best. Do you? Don't you just love the off kilter white mini pumpkin?

 A sweet little acorn box from Pinterest.

I'm going to leave you with a really fun snack... an acorn snack by Marty's Musings, a peanut butter cookie kiss snack. LOVE.

I hope you enjoyed these fun, easy things to do and I hope you were INSPIRED!

Art Club Blog painted some CUTE acorns.

Like sunflowers? Here is my Sunflower Wreath. Hope you like it. It was fun to make!

Your friend, Linda

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  1. Linda these are wonderful inspirations! Last year when my hubby was walking our dog he found tons of acorns ( he claims Izzy found them). He gathered a bunch and gave them to me when I got in the car. I remembered you have to bake them in the oven to kill the little bugs inside. I'm happy I did it. I have had felted acorns on my to do list for a couple of years. I still haven't done it, LOL. Pinned xo


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