Awesome Bookmarks from Old Books

What to do with old books? Why --- make some awesome bookmarks, of course, and just in time for gift giving. You could also include a book to go with this or a gift card to Barnes and Noble! 

Isn't this an awesome way to use old books?

If you prefer to buy some of these awesome bookmarks for gifts for the holidays here is a link where you can purchase these beautiful bookmarks and help our wounded soldiers at the same time! Go to: Bookmarks Made from Books Beyond Repair to look at the complete assortment available. 

The hardest part is cutting the spline off the book.... it's not physically hard, no. Cutting up a book is difficult!


Cut the spline off a book. Glue the vertical edges toward the back. Punch a hole near the top of the bookmark. Insert eyelet. Cover the back with a matching color felt or pretty cardstock paper. tie ribbon through the eyelet. Voila! Bookmark!


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  1. Oh my goodness! I absolutely adore this idea!!! Brilliant and lovely! xoxo

  2. Super cool idea for bookmarks I want to make some!
    Have a great week,

  3. I love this project. I used scrapbook paper on the back.

  4. I think these look really nice, but it also makes me sad that good old books with some facinating stories are being used for craft items. The books carry a heiritage of their own for those that come after us. You don't find stories like those any more.
    I started collecting old books once to do a craft w my daughter (35 years ago), but before we cut them up, we decided to read them. After that, neither of us could cut them up or glue them or what ever because the stories had been such good reading! I would say, save the antique books for reading and passing down, cut up new ones that generally don't have stories worth saving. (not to mention just the art of how old book covers were made and what they looked like. Those alone are worth saving as art in themselves.


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