Hundreds of Ways to Make This Your Best Summer EVER!

Hundreds of ways to make this your best summer ever! We know summer is short so let's make the most of it before the cold weather comes again. The warm weather is here in Connecticut and I'm thinking of fun ways to make the most of this summer. I'm getting my kids and grandkids on board also.


Have a cooling glass of sangria you make yourself!

Give yourself a reminder that it IS summer and put a bright flowery door decoration on your door.

 Pretty up your porch for summer like Chateau Chic.

Make some homemade butter! Yes, butter and it's easier than you think! Great to do with kids!

Get your solar lights repaired and ready for summer.

Have some fun with this FAKE corn on the cob!! It's really a cheeseball appetizer!

Put up a bird house and watch the baby birds.

Try some different side dishes like this from Culinary Flavors.

 Get to the beach! We live in Connecticut so we are not far from a salt water beach but I have to make myself get to the beach at least a few times.

Be sure to take a break with a smoothie like this blueberry smoothie.

 Make a no-sew beach towel with a pillow to take to the beach.

Have an old fashioned game of lawn croquet. 

Freeze up some fruit in ice cubes to keep your drinks cold.

Cook some awesome salmon with maple syrup.

Put some color and whimsy in your outdoor patio.

How about some fun with beef kabobs and grilled corn? Yay.

Make a window flower box out of a wooden pallet.

As a summer treat, make s'mores after supper like these Nutter Butter S'mores.

Light up your backyard with these DIY lanterns.

Get your bikes in good working order or give them a complete makeover!

 More flip flop fun crafts.

Try a different Caprese salad.

Make a fun and easy jello pineapple salad right in the can of pineapple. Such fun for summer.

How about a clam bake? And what's nicer in the summer than crab cakes??

Have some fun with seashells! Make them into candles.

If you are going to have a raised bed garden, HERE is how to make one.

Make some flower petal crafts while flowers are blooming outside.

What's more fun than blowing bubbles (at any age)?

Get in touch with your "summer inner child". Buy some pinwheels, hula hoops, bubble wands, whiffle balls, beach balls, Frisbees and other fun kid's summer toys. Hand them out at your next ADULT gathering.  

Watermelon desserts are the best in the summer.

Go to a cookout and bring a dish of baked beans.

Make a classic no-bake summer pie - pineapple lemon cheesecake cream pie. Yummy.

Visit a lighthouse! This is a Connecticut lighthouse.

Give yourself a break - have yummy chicken salad sandwiches on croissants for supper some night!

Make something out of green moss and celebrate that it's GREEN outside (and not white).

To really feel like it's summer, take a day trip. This is the Mark Twain house in interesting tour.

Go frogging. Take a net out to a local pond and catch yourself a frog. Then let him go.

Go berry picking at a local farm. It usually includes some kind of a ride on a "berry ferry", too.

At the beach make a sand cast of your kid's hands or feet (or both).

Take a boat tour. In Connecticut we've often done the Thimble Islands boat tour in Branford. 

Make a patriotic Jello dessert for the 4th of July.

Catch fireflies. Some fun facts about fireflies!

Sit on your patio at night and sip pina coladas or mocktails. 

Ponder the night sky perhaps with a sky map on your smart phone. It's not cold and it's not snowing so go for it.

S'mores ice cream cake, anyone?

Sit around an easy-to-make diy portable fire.

Learn how to make watermelon slushies from Kids Activity Blog! Yum.

Make a garden art light for your yard. Snappy looking!!

Buy a patio pot of flowers for your front door entrance. Add a solar light for fun.

Show our flag's colors.

Go out for an ice cream! That is quintessential summer activity.


Attract hummingbirds, expert tips.


Another 50 ideas for a great summer - Country Living.

50 ideas from Real Simple.

101 fun things to do with kids this summer.

100 summer fun ideas

These are some fun ideas to get you started. Have we left anything out? Leave a message in the comments!

Have a fun summer, everyone!!

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  1. WOW! So many ideas! I love Sangria, especially on holiday so I'm in for that one! And funnily enough, I cleaned checked and put back out our solar garden lights just yesterday!


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