Paper Pumpkins


It's lots of fun working with paper and so I had the idea to make some paper pumpkins. Last winter I made these paper rosettes and that was a fascination for me. I show how to make the "fans" or "rosettes" HERE

After I made this "pumpkin" from paper, Gail, from Purple Hues and Me, made a lovely orange pumpkin in the same way but with orange burlap.. I like hers even better but I had already made my paper one so I decided to post it here anyway. It's exactly the same except I used a real stem from a gourd and she made her own stem. But both are very alike in that they are made with stacked layers of the rosettes. It's really easy with the paper, though. You just make the rosettes in varying sizes in order to make the "pumpkin" shape.

The sizes of my rosettes range in age from 11 inches to 6 inches.

Here are the rosettes all made..

I glued them together with hot glue in the center and glued a stem on the top. That's it. I like easy and this was easy. See the glue gun to the right? I just put lots of hot glue in the center and then held each one together for a few minutes until the glue set.

It looks more convincing from the top, I think, because of the real pumpkin stem.

Couldn't resist this....

                   message to my followers.....

Do you like the color orange? I do, but I like red better... and pink, of course.

Have you seen these Pumpkin Pie Mini Crescents?

Pumpkin Pudding - Gluten-free

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