De-clutter Under Your Kitchen Sink - The Best of Hometalk

De-clutter Under Your Kitchen Sink - The Best of Hometalk

I was asked to "curate" a board at hometalk about de-cluttering under the kitchen sink, basically because I had done a post on that subject, My Under the Kitchen Sink Makeover, and posted it on Hometalk.

I was pretty excited about it because I'd never been asked to do anything for Hometalk and I've been on there forever, so I said "YES" and here is the result!

I did a search on Hometalk - I love that spot on the blogosphere - and came up with 11 different posts just on cleaning and organizing under the kitchen sink. Very cool ideas here. 

Of course I did this on Hometalk so you have to click over there to see what I did, but I think you'll be surprised at some ways to de-clutter and pretty-up YOUR cabinet under the kitchen sink.

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