Window Boxes with Sticks

Window Boxes decorated with STICKS!! Can you believe it?

I spray painted the sticks I had in the winter boxes... all pretty Spring colors.. yellow, green, and pink. I think they look so nice now. I'm thrilled with how the boxes turned out. 

Last winter I had the idea to put sticks in my window boxes for decoration. Usually I just put up some greens and let it go at that but I wanted to see what the sticks would look like along with some other decorative elements. Here is the FAUX WHITE BIRCH post I did on that.

Along comes Spring and I was really reluctant to take the sticks out of the boxes. So I decided to spray them some nice Spring colors. I think they're great, but not everyone does.

I took my mother - you can read about her in Meet My Creative Family in the menu above - out for a drive or wherever we were going and she took a look at my window boxes.

 "Linda, you have to get rid of those sticks. They don't belong there." 

"But, Mom, I love them."

"They look foolish. I wouldn't  want them in my house."

"But, Mom, people tell me that they like them."

Then Mom said, "People are just trying to be nice to you".

"But, Mom, I painted them in pretty Spring colors!"

It isn't the color at all. It's that they are STICKS!! They remind you of the winter.I like them in the winter but, by Golly I don't like them now. 

"Well, what do you suggest, Mom?"

"I'll tell you what you can do. You can bundle them up and throw them out. Now, I'm not telling you what to do. I'm just giving you my opinion. You don't have to take them out but I don't like them. Window boxes are for FLOWERS not sticks."

Last year I stencilled some birds on the window boxes... Actually, it's a story.. In the first box above, the bird is sitting. And the next box the bird is hopping and then starts to fly.

In the next photo, the bird is flying... but where?

Where is the bird flying to? Let's see..... (I never really finished this project. Duh. I have great ideas - well, some of them are great - but anyway, I never finished painting the bird nest. Sorry. I did SO want it to look nice. ) But the idea is that the bird is sitting and decides to start flying and then to go home. I wanted to also paint in the work "HOME" over the bird nest.  Wouldn't that have been interesting? And more definition to the sitting bird would've been nice.

Well, anyway, you know one more thing to do with sticks... unless you're like my Mom.

Show of hands... how many like the sticks and how many don't? 

Best wishes, 



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