My Picnic Party on the Deck Cart

This little project was so much fun and I got to use one of my many pieces of junk picked up from the side of the road. SCORE!

The bad thing is that I can't find the BEFORE picture. Darn. I looked all through my pictures and I know I took a picture of it at some point.

Not many of you will remember the old metal record holders of the 60's. I have another one that is slightly different but that's for another post! This is directly from the side of the road. My mother and kids hate it when I stop and look at a pile of junk. It's just so fun, though. It's free, too. Wheee..

Anyway, I sprayed the cart Rustoleum Apple Green. It's a really nice color, not too bright. It's pretty to look at but useful also. I loaded up the cart and brought it outside. This was for a light snack but it could be used for a cookout with hamburgers and hotdogs - using the pail for the rolls.

Here is the "AFTER".

You see the wire rack where the records used to go? I put pretty paper plates there.

I bought 2 small wooden trays at a tag sale and spray painted them in bright colors. Oh, I didn't buy them for this project. No, they've been laying around upstairs looking for a home...

And the drawers? Well, I have been collecting drawers in all sizes and shapes including sewing machine drawers. I was really excited to find some old sewing machine drawers... This bright pink drawer is a sewing machine drawer. Don't the cups fit in there nicely?

And here's a drawer from a kitchen cart - I ended up throwing away the cart but the drawer is GOLDEN. Love it. It fit in so nicely on this project.

Remember: You can do anything with an old drawer!

The paper plates fit so perfectly...

The two dogs were playing around the cart, hoping to get something to eat. ;)

Bunny is my dog on the left. Kristy's dog is the Australian shepherd on the right. What a pretty dog he is but he's a bit of a food thief. (a BIG BIT.. he knows all the food that's happening in my house when he visits. One time my son was cutting up beef for stew in the kitchen when Kristy arrived with her dog. Son went out to help her bring in her baby and stuff and... well, let's just say Ace helped himself to quite a nice meal. He also likes tubs of margarine, anything yummy out of the garbage, and will snatch things right out of your hand if you have a cookie and your hand is below your waist. Yea, a bit of a food thief, all right.

I bought some pails at The Christmas Tree Shop (or was it Walmart?).  The pale green was just right for the project. My daughter said to put in a fresh fruit salad in it but then son said, "it's not food grade".  I think for the purpose of demonstration, it's fine for ice. We also used the shovel for scooping out the ice.

I like these little Pepperidge Farm cookies with the jelly in them. Way to much work to make. :)

There are no wheels on this since no wheels were on this originally. However, since we still had to go down the steps to the patio, I don't see it as a negative thing. I also have a little metal cart that that I'm going to redo also but, for now, I'm happy with this little picnic party cart.

I wish you a wonderful summer.




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  1. So cute!! I am wicked jealous!!

  2. That's fantastic! That would go well poolside for sure! Great job. Thank you for sharing! :-)

  3. Clever! I always see those things in the thrifts + think there must be some practical use for them, but was never able to come up with anything. Yours is adorable.

  4. 2 things, I love the ice bucket and that paper plate holder is WONDERFUL

  5. Linda, that is so darn cute - I am definitely on the look out for one of these now... darn, another project to add to the list, lol....

  6. this is one of the most amazing projects I have ever seen! How adorable! And so useful! I want to make one right now...just gotta find a cart! :)

  7. I love it... So wonderful.

  8. This is darling! Such a great idea. I would love to have something like this. We like to roast hotdogs, and every time we end up taking loads of stuff out to the table. This would be so handy to have all loaded up and ready. I love the color you painted it and the color of all the plates, etc. Thank you for sharing at The Creative Exchange link party!

  9. What an adorable party cart you have, very clever idea and looks amazing. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  10. This would be great for a bbq, inside or outside :) love it and love all the colors! Great upcycle! You have such awesome ideas! Thanks for sharing with us :)

  11. I so love these spring colors! It looks like a party even before the guests have arrived!! :)
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  12. OMG those colors! What a cute idea. Can I come over for a picnic?! Thanks so much for stopping by the Creative Spark Link Party hope you stop by again next Wednesday.

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